Roxon goes to Youtube to make her case

The Australian Attorney General - Nicola Roxon, has just recently posted a video on the Youtubes to try and explain what it is she and the various law enforcement and security offices are asking for.

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MobileFOSS 2013

If you haven't heard already, the committee has announced the first lot of approved miniconfs for lca2013.

The excellent news is that MobileFOSS has been approved.

The mobile space has changed a lot since 2011 when MobileFOSS was last run, we've had losses (with Nokia abandoning QT/Meego) and we've had gains (Android has continued to grow and grow). We've also seen HTML5 and the mobile web develop to the point where the debate about native vs web isn't anywhere as clear cut as it used to be.

Angry Beanie Radio, now almost like a real radio station

A while back I wrote up a description of the streaming setup that I was building for Angry Beanie Radio. It was designed so that I could play both pre-recorded and live content, including live interviews conducted via Skype. However it lacked a bit when it came to the ability to run a "real radio station". By real of course I mean the ability to have a continuous stream running, edit playlists on the run and mix live shows with pre-recorded content (switching between two different streams).

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Twitter, Control and the Federation

The last four days has been "interesting" for twitter. Of course when I say interesting I do mean in the sense of the chinese curse.

Just in case you weren't aware I'll give you the tl;dr:

Guy Adams, Los Angeles based journo for the independent, gets very cranky with NBC over their coverage of the Olympic Games. Among various angry tweets about said coverage he googles and posts the corporate email address of the CEO of NBC

Watching Men In Black on GoogleTV

As you may be aware from such classic blog posts as Google TV - The enfrustratening continues and Revue Update Update and a Rant I have been having a less than stellar experience in trying to use the Revue to access Googles, or really, anyones, paid media service.

However, good news everyone!

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Joe Hockey: 4G potential to be far superior to fibre

Joe Hockey seems to have taken issue with a recent Delimiter article that pointed out that Joe might not be an expert on telecommunications network design.

So Joe has responded

First off, nice to see a politician actually engaging with his critics, so for that, kudos Joe.

However that's about where the loving stops.

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Google TV - The enfrustratening continues

Okay not happy.

I've just updated the Logitech Revue #googletv  device to 3.2 (this by the way is going to be the last update the Revue gets, Logitech has stated explicitly that they won't be updating the Revue to ICS).

One of the features that I was looking forward to was an update to the Youtube App which would allow me to actually watch the Google Movies that I wanted to rent (Google Movies being the only option I have right now unless I want to go the Apple route).

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Wireless doesn't mean the death of the NBN


Yet another article running the line that because we're all moving to wireless devices (such as smartphones, tablets and laptops) the NBN is now about as useful as clay tablets.

Look, let me use our home as an example.

We have a number of different devices that use wireless:

1 x iPad 1

1 x Xoom

1 x Nexus S (smartphone)

1 x Huwei Android Phone (smartphone)

1 x iPod 3

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Xooming along

So I've finally acquired an android tablet to with my Android phone. I went down to my local ebgames yesterday and bought myself a Motorola Xoom. 

Of course the first thing I did was to root the thing and put ice cream sandwich on it. It's running smoothly so far and I'll be looking into what else I can do with it.

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Revue Update Update and a Rant

So yesterday I had a bit of whinge about the fact that I couldn't update my Logitech Revue because for some bizarre reason, they had geo locked the update.

Well last night I figured rather than wait around until Logitech or Google or whoever was responsible got to fixing the issue, I would utilise one of the many vpn services which allows me to pretend I'm actually a USanian for the purposes of accessing various web sites. 

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