Clover Bad, Joanna Good?

So the Coalition government in New South Wales passed their "It's not really about Clover at all" legislation through the upper house last night. This legislation will make it verbotten for State Members of Parliament to hold both the office of MP and the office of Local Government Councillor at the same time.

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We'll all be extincted!

You know, there are times when I'm thiiiss close to really considering the Australian Greens as the party that could fill the void on the centre-left left by the Labor party, but then I see stuff like the 3rd Annual Green Oration and I go back to wondering whether we'll ever fill that niche again. 

The Oration itself is an annual event setup by Bob Brown with the following focus:

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The ALP did NOT lose in Queensland Because Wikileaks

Look, I understand that for a lot of people, Wikileaks and Julian Assange are very important. Wikileaks has opened up a number of different cans of worms, and is an expression of openness taken to the extreme (all communications should be open, etc, etc). Assange himself is the personification of the wikileaks ideals.


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#Facepalmer and #grubbyjournalism

Well, you can't say that Australian politics is dull.

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Blogging makes me feel like real media and other goodness

Thought I would put something up for the end of the week.

Over at angrybeanie.com I've put up a quick look at the Independent Media Inquiry report and their brilliant idea to start counting page hits to determine whether your site counts as real media or not. 41 hits a day is the magical number by the way.

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Sigh, so that happened

So two things happened today.

The first was a near riot that necessitated the evacuation of the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader from an awards ceremony meant to highlight the work of emergency workers.

The second was WIN Television blowing it again.

If you haven't caught up on the events today then I heres a brief timeline I've put together from various sources:

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Who's going to lead the IT revolution in the Illawarra?

The Illawarra Mercury ran an article on the weekend entitled "IT tipped to boom in Illawarra", the basic premise being that as manufacturing winds down, Information Technology and Communications are tagged to grow and fill the gap.

Excellent, I personally think that Wollongong and the Illawarra makes a perfect spot to setup an IT shop if you want to be close to sydney without the costs of being based in Sydney.

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A Letter to the Editor

I've just submitted the following to the Illawarra Mercury over this article

"I am writing to you regarding your article entitled “Gay marriage battle in Throsby” in which we are told that state MP Noreen Hay has led the charge in trying to muzzle federal representative Stephen Jones over the topic of same sex marriages.

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Pollies to the left of me, Journos to the right of me

Here I am stuck in the middle with you. 

(Warning, rambling rant follows)

Here's the thing. The political debate in this country sucks. It really does. Either we have Captain No leading the opposition, or we have a government that continuously seems to fail comms 101. 

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Occupy what now?

Just thought I'd throw in a quick thing about the #occupy protests that are occuring around Australia at the moment.

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