SCLUG Presentation

I'm going to be talking about the use of FOSS tools in Small Business at the next South Coast Linux User Group meeting, so if you're in Wollongong and would like to catch it, or even in Sydney or other areas close by (for a given definition of close) then please feel free to rock on by.

Reasonably Happy and One Rant

Well it's been a week since we released the first episode of the new Open Source On The Air and it's doing better than we thought. At last count we had around 130 downloads, which to be honest is about 120 more than we thought we would get for the first episode.

My adventures with django have been held up slightly by a bad case of PEBKAC, but we seem to be moving passed that :) I'm going to have more about the two projects I'm working on for that shortly.

Open Source On The Air - The Journey Continues

Karin has just finished doing her first interview for the next episode and she hasn't lost any of her radio skillz. Me? I'm lining up one or two people so we're still on track for full content for the next episode which will be released on the 10/09/2008.

Just for fun here's a shot of our "studio":

Our Studio 

Open Source On The Air - 2008-08-14

We return! Yes ladies and gentlemen we have returned to once again bring you the oddity that is Open Source On The Air.

This fortnight we talk with Ben Powell about LCA 09 and Khairil Yousef about the work that is being done in the Malaysian government sector on Open Source Adoption.

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1 More Sleep

There is some cool Createive Commons music out there.

3 Days To Go

You know something? They're doing some cool stuff in Malaysia.

4 Days To Go

That is all

Home Energy And Renting

Hrrm, I've been doing more work in the backyard today, got the new compost heap sorted out and have been busy transferring the stuff out of the old compost bin into the new heap.

While I was digging out some of the richest compost I've seen I turned my thoughts to home power generation, (I tend to think deep thoughts while I'm working out there). There are many problems associated with setting up home power generation in Australia, not the least of which is the idea that it's a dream that either only the rich can afford, or that it's something that only hippies do.

LA Membership and Fundraising

I sent the below through to the LA mailing list, but I thought I would post it here to encourage some discussion.

"Just a quick question to ask how the reforms proposed and voted on at the last AGM were progressing?

Also how would everyone feel if I setup a paypal account or something similar and the facilities on the LA web site for people to be able to donate to LA?"

Back To Coding

Okay, to be honest I haven't been coding that much over the last six months. Most of the work I've been doing has been either PC Repair or System Administration. So I decided that I need to get back into it.

I've blogged previously about the infrastructure requirements that I need to satisfy for the business. Well the first cab off the rank is a hosting admin tool. At the moment I'm doing everything by hand and I need to be able to automate as much as possible.