Right To Know

The Open Australia Foundation has been one of the leading lights in the citizen driven Open Government movement in Australia, recently they launched a new project based around the idea of opening up the process of Freedom Of Information requests so I thought I would have a chat and see what they're up to.

Open Australia Projects:

Open Australia

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Tomorrows Geek

Inspired by a twitter conversation between Stilgherrian and Mark Newton about this article I thought I would explore what tomorrows geek would be playing at with them and Liz Quilty. Unfortunately a round table discussion wasn't possible but I think these three individual chats do something to shed some light.
Oh, and here is the video that I mention in the episode after Marks interview. Don't watch it until you've heard what we're talking about :)

My Kingdom for a Horse

After a year long investigation, including a number of different disciplines from areas such as archeology, geneology and medical, it was finally confirmed that a body found buried in a carpark in Leicester, England was indeed Richard the third. For this episode I catch up with Michael Stutchbery and talk about why this caused as much excitement as it did, and why it's so important.

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More than human

I've said it before and I'll say it again. We are living in the future. We're living at a time when the first true cybernetics are being developed, when people can realistically say that they have a bio lab in their garage. We're standing on the edge of a change, something that could transform humanity like nothing that has come before.

Some people call this the Singularity. The point at which everything merges together and we have no idea what's going to come out the other side.

Right To Silence

The right to silence is one of the most basic rights a person has under the various justice systems that operate in Australia. The central premise is that the state is not allowed to force someone to incriminate themselves, because frankly, that sort of thing tends to lead to false confessions and the jailing of innocent people.

Unfortunately, this right is not something ensured by the constitution. Instead it's what's known as a common law right, something backed by precedent and case law, but vulnerable to legislative change. In NSW last week we saw exactly that.

Bitcoin: What even is it?

I'll be honest, I'm not a great fan of economic theory. The world of the international currency exchange leaves me cold. However, the explosion of the cryptographic digital currency Bitcoin has caught not only my eye but that of the rest of the world. I thought I would turn to a couple of experts to find out a bit more about the great BTC. Aimee Maree is an Open Source Architect and world citizen who's been involved with Bitcoin since 2010, while Richard Chirgwin is a science and technology journalist who's been reporting on Bitcoin for just as long.

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Crowd Funding the Mighty Maggot

Dr Mel Thomson and Dr Michelle Harvey are a Microbiologist and Forensic Entymologist who have combined their powers to launch a new research project into how effective maggots are in debriding the wounds caused by a particularly nasty bacteria called M.Ulcerans.

This in itself is cool, however what makes it extra cool is the fact that they're reaching out to the community both to help fund their project (they're crowdfunding it) and build a level of public engagement from the start.

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The ausvotes2013.com site is a political blog with a difference. Rather than being blatantly partisan or featuring the usual suspects it provides an opportunity for new writers and voices from all sides of the political spectrum to discuss, debate and explore the issues in the upcoming election.

Episode 20: Sex Workers Opera

Just before we get into it, this episode deals with topics of a sexual nature, including sex work and fetishes, if this is not your cup of tea, then I recommend you don't listen.

Let us not speak of the time between episodes, but let us glory in the fact that I managed to get one out at all :)

Episode 20 of Purser Explores The World brings us the Sex Workers Opera, a performance piece produced and presented in London, made by sex workers in an effort to tell the stories of sex workers the world over, both good and bad.

Episode 21: Faces of Addiction

For the first episode back I decided on a project called Faces of Addiction by Chris Arnade which focuses on the stories of people living with addiction in the New York neighbourhood of Hunts Point. 

It's not the longest interview and I think I'm a bit rusty after a year and a bit, but i hope you enjoy it.