Never take a photo of a Yeast Ring

Today while out with the family, we decided to purchase a treat for the kids. So we headed for the nearby donut place to purchase the required sickeningly sweet treat.

Turns out they didn't have enough of the particular sweet my son wanted, so he picked what looked like an iced donut with chocolate flakes on it. Except it wasn't called a donut, rather it was called a Yeast Ring.

This naturally caught my eye as being a somewhat risky name to give a ring of dough, so after the kids had consumed their various sweets, I thought I would get a photo of the Yeasty Rings to follow up the tweet I had already made.

Not thinking much of it, I went up to the counter and used my camera to take a couple of what turned out to be uselessly blurred photos. Gave it up as a lost effort and then went off to complete the rest of the tasks we had at the time.

45 minutes later as we exited the shopping centre a security guard approached me and asked me if I had taken any photos around the donut place earlier on. Specifically he asked if I had taken photos of a young girl  who had apparently been standing close to the Yeast Rings display. Apparently the girls mother had registered a complaint, accusing me of taking photos of her girl. The guard didn't mention why this would be a problem, but the obvious implication is that I was taking photos for nefarious purposes.

It took me but a minute to explain to the guard that no, I hadn't taken photos of the girl, I hadn't even seen the girl standing there, focused as I was, on the Yeast Rings. The guard explained that they had to follow up the complaint both to calm the apparently distressed mother and for reasons of terrorism (my jaw dropped I'm sure at this one). However while I was finishing up with the guard, a police car pulled up in a nearby spot, and I was informed by the guard that I would need to talk to the officer.


Remaining calm at all times I walked over to the officer and once again went through the process of showing him that the photos I had taken were of the donut silmacra rather than the girl. The officer was pretty good about it, requesting to see through the rest of the photos, which I allowed, and then we parted ways without a request for details or anything else.

All in all the security staff and police were polite and cordial in the way that they treated me. I have since discovered however that they were actually trailing myself and my family for at least half an hour before we were approached.


Below are the two photos that I took:


Update (01/03/2010):

I have just received confirmation that the security personal have managed to get in contact with the woman who made the original complaint and explain that there was no substance to her complaint - something that had been playing on mind since Saturday afternoon. While this wraps up the event (and believe me I feel quite relieved), it doesn't excuse the manner in which it was dealt with. I will be writing a further letter to the centre regarding this sort of situation and ways it could have been handled better.



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I would find it very hard to remain calm and not swear at the rent-a-cop in those circumstances.  

Then again, I probably wouldn't be anywhere near a shop containing "yeast rings" either :) 

"calm the apparently distressed mother"?  Nah, all they needed to do was to tell her to not be such a stupid dimwit, and to revoke her voting privileges, because the likes of her voted for idiots like Conroy et al.

I've always found in situations like this, that polite but firm behaviour get's better results than out right belligerance.

With regards to the mother, the last thing I want is someone running around still thinking that I'm taking photos of her little girl. That will be the first question I ask when I talk to the management of the centre tomorrow. 

P.S.  I wonder if they're called "yeast rings" because to be called doughnuts, they need to have some minimum legal content level of food or similar.

"Yeast ring" appears to be a synonym for what we would call a "raised donut" in the US.  They differ from old-fashioned "cake donuts" in the use of yeast to make the dough rise prior to frying.  They've become popular essentially because as a vessel containing primarily air, they are just as effective at taking on an icing layer as their more dense cake counterparts, but don't take nearly as much raw materials to make.  Also you are probably willing to pay the same price as a cake donut, and may even find the fluffy texture appealing.

Also, to the author:  s/silmacra/simulacra/ or simulacrum to correctly refer to plural donut simulacra.

your site has been reported to the ACMA as a member of a depraved yeast pornography ring and will be blacklisted soon by our moral guardians.

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