Holy carp! Australia is socialist!

Look Australia, I don't know how to sugar coat this so I'll just come out and say it.

We are a Socialist nation. More specifically we are a Socialist-Capitalist nation and we have been for decades. The signs are all there, the commitment to universal health care, comprehensive welfare sector while at the same time maintaining a free market economy (with some regulation).

Here's something shocking as well. We keep electing Socialist-Capitalist governments. The Labor party started out socialist, as did the National Party, while the Liberal Party has come to socialism through more pragmatic means (socialism == votes). I dare you to name one government in the past forty years that wasn't socialist in some major way.

So the next time you hear Tony Abbott bitch about creeping socialism, you can tell him that it's already here. It didn't creep, it didn't have to. It was invited in by the people and has stayed ever since.

Oh and you might want to explain the difference between socialism and communism. Especially the bit about how Communism relied exclusively on the Command Economy model, that is, the Government told businesses what they could produce, when and in what quantities. Sounds suspiciously like the Coalitions "Direct Action" policy.

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Schools, for one example, are designed to turn us into Humanists & Socialists.

"Humanists," not in the sense of giving a genuine damn about fellow humans (I know a few of those, & their lives are generally quite effective & beneficial both for themselves & for those around them), in the sense of regarding one's self as the ultimate authority (being somebody else as considered a cardinal sin).

"Socialists" in the sense of being totally interchangeable with the next meat robot. Individuality? Hmmm. Odd concept.

To point out that there are better alternatives would be the understatement of the year (the decade's not over yet, so I'm making no claims there).

This is all part of the New World Order crew, which amounts to The Peter Principle maxed out. William Henry Gates III is a moderate NWO fan, in that he only wishes to top one & a half billion (other) "useless eaters" (in his case, via vaccines, he said so on a TED talk) whereas most of them wish to top six billion.

On the Command Economy, _one_ of Pol Pot's planned famines wiped out over 30 million Chinese citizens (more than there are Australians), & _one_ planned famine in the USSR score 7-10 million Ukranian citizens. No. Thank. You. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

oh yeah, vaccines - evil. polio and hooping cough are not that bad! Kids are so soft these days.
and as for Pol Pot, Chinese citizens? um, if you're going to post tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, at least get your dictators correct - Polt Pot was Cambodian. Mao might have though...


Bill Gates said it, not some guy in a tin foil hat.

Keep drinking the kool aid.


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The health system that the whole world envies, Australia's Medicare, is deliberately socialist in aim, but has been corrupted by "gap payments", greedy doctors' organisations and publicly subsidised private insurance for the rich (which doesn't get them one iota of better health care, though might provide softer sheets). It's the same as Britain's NHS, only better, as the Brits are traditionally more scared of "reds under the bed". Australia could never be a classic "communist" state- who'd want to own everything jointly, then pay the lawyers the same as the road workers? Thank goodness the Liberals here are not like the US Republicans- we'd have no Medicare at all then and probably no dole! Australians couldn't be so foolish...I hope!

The NHS has dived to the bottom, being soviet union like in health care. It's about quantity not quality.

What makes a true democracy great? Art. Freedom of expression. Differences of opinion. The same applies to services. Those gap payments don't apply to all doctors: if you want bulk billing / free quick care / quantity then you have it. If you want a more premium service then you have it. We're all individuals and a one size fits all approach doesn't recognise that. i prefer the Australia system.

Also, if you are on social benefits you won't get charged the gap fee. I know as I have had a health care card in the past. The gap payments are for those with money, which further subsidises the treatment of the poor, i.e. it's all about income redistribution. So stop complaining about those gap payments - it helps address social inequity.

And yes, I agree with the author that Australia is a socialist country. The income tax system is geared around income redistribution. Get used to it. It's a good system.

The problem with socialism in Australia is that guys like me who pay insane amounts of tax, and have to put up with the union loving over priced, arrogant Aussie worker. Is that at some point you get sick of it and Medicare and filthy wealth redistribution, so you pick and leave taking jobs and opportunity with you.

This leave only the weak and lazy behind. I would love to see how Australia fares in 20 years when china owns everything. See how the more extreme form of socialism suits you...

Here here! I recommend Singapore, maximum tax rate of 20% and most importantly, NO capital gains tax. I can still live on the sunshine coast during the summer, spend less than 180 days at year in Oz so as to remain a non resident and keep all my liquid assets offshore. All done legally. Meanwhile I don't have to pay for the feckless and the useless to sit on their arses all day!

Trish you have some good points with healthcare,
However Socialism is not a good system simply because our governement is influenced by international forces. If you haven't noticed the governement is slowly disempowering the average aussie to accumulate wealth, to save, to buy houses by raising our cost of living electricity, water, gas, fuel and introducing new and ridiculous taxes like carbon tax which is the biggest international farce. Therefore two parents have to work taking them away from spending time with their children the governement has made this hard and its not right.
The governement has cut alot of funding to our education all around the country from primary schools to universities. So the quality of education may not cater appropriately to children who are disadvantaged who may well fall through the gaps. There are thousands of families who can't even send their children to school because they have no food to put in their lunchboxes. These children may well be sadly the  next generation to keep their social and human industry going.
 New vaccines for different conditions the latest one is obesity please just made up rot manipulating research to back their greedy agenda's. It was probably vaccines in the first place that interfered with our endocrine systems in the first to no longer metabolise food properly. Just look up how hard it is to get a hypothyroid diagnosis in the public health system.
Thyroid would be one of the most convenient killer conditions for the NWO to use as part of their depopulation agenda because all our public doctors are indoctrined and are not about prevention. Undiagnosed thyroid patients will either develop a chronic condition like diabetes, kidney disfunction or kidney disease, heart disease or cancer which will result in premature death. Yet over half the population would have some kind of thyroid disfunction. Along with the conspiracy of the aids virus, ebola, swine flu and bird flu origins targeted at undesirable populations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
 Socialist governement you say is a good system no it isn't ....it isn't far off from communism where everyone will be reduced to some kind of dependency by disempowereing the people either through poverty or sickeness. We have a growing industry built on the disadvantaged with new refugee immigrants coming in look how many jobs are being generated at the DHS. Look at what they are doing to the Aboriginies in the NT intervention as a guise to grab traditional land which are rich in uranium and bauxite deposits this is just good practice to eventually use on the rest of Australia and may well be everyones reality in the near future.
Australia has no real say in its own affairs anymore we are part of an international agenda starting with the commonwealth with an aliance with Britain and the US. Just a few real life examples of where we are heading so please just wake up everyone.....

"Socialist governement you say is a good system no it isn't ....it isn't far off from communism where everyone will be reduced to some kind of dependency by disempowereing the people either through poverty or sickeness."
I haven't got a clue what you're talking about. Actually read up on what Socialism and Communism is before you start spouting bullshit.
Socialism: Where the mode of production is democratically controlled by the workers.
Socialism is not: Any thing the government does.
Communism: A stateless classless society that has never been put in place.
I don't see how either require poverty and sickness. You must be thinking of Capitalism, where the rich make money off of both.
"We have a growing industry built on the disadvantaged with new refugee immigrants coming in look how many jobs are being generated at the DHS. Look at what they are doing to the Aboriginies in the NT intervention as a guise to grab traditional land which are rich in uranium and bauxite deposits this is just good practice to eventually use on the rest of Australia and may well be everyones reality in the near future."
Exploitation is something that socialism aims to fix.
Again, read up on it

Australia is not truely socialist, there are homeless people and people starving on the streets. We are headed towards socialism but we are nowhere near it right now.

You got it right Bob, the government simply say socialism but until now the ironice scene of reality still sucks. There are homeless and hungry peopl, I'm wondering why until now the numbers are still rampant. Where's socialism in that part, anyway?

The fantacy that in socialism there are no hungry people ignores the facts that in socialism you are lucky to get a loaf of bread.  This same regime also ignores the outragous costs to a community.
The only regime that delivers the goods is capitalism, nothing else ever in the entire human history sucussuflly outperfomed capitalism.

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