MobileFOSS - An Update

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Today I'm sending out the acceptance emails for those who've submitted talks to MobileFOSS at lca2013.

We have some excellent talks, ranging from an update from the Serval project, building Android based Appliances to building your own phone network.

However I am still looking for more talks. So if you're coming to lca2013 and you have something to say about mobile development in the FOSS space, then please let me know.

MobileFOSS 2013

If you haven't heard already, the committee has announced the first lot of approved miniconfs for lca2013.

The excellent news is that MobileFOSS has been approved.

The mobile space has changed a lot since 2011 when MobileFOSS was last run, we've had losses (with Nokia abandoning QT/Meego) and we've had gains (Android has continued to grow and grow). We've also seen HTML5 and the mobile web develop to the point where the debate about native vs web isn't anywhere as clear cut as it used to be.

MobileFOSS and LCA2011

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Okay it's only 2 days to go until the best little tech conference in the world starts in Brisbane(site of the recent re-enactment of the flooding of venice).

First up I'd like to extend kudos to the Organising Team who have gone beyond the call of duty considering the flooding in Brisbane. They've managed to snag an alternative venue days out from the start of the conf while at the same time ensuring that the main accomodation is still going to be served by lca internets!

Next up, MobileFOSS!

MobileFOSS Draft Schedule

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Okay, the draft schedule of the LCA2011 MobileFOSS miniconf is now up here:

Still looking to fill a few slots, so if you know of anyone attending LCA2011 who you think might have something to say on mobile FOSS development, then point them my way.

MobileFOSS Catchup

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Man the last week has been busy and I have managed to do nothing for MobileFOSS until today.

Okay the Call For Papers closed last Friday and there were some really nice submissions. However there is still room for more. We're looking for talks about Free and Open Source Software Development on mobile platforms. This can mean stack development on open platforms such as WebOS or Android, or application development on closed platforms like iOS or WP7.

We want to hear from you!


MobileFOSS Call For Papers closes THIS FRIDAY

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Just a reminder to everyone who reads this blog that the Call For Papers closes for the MobileFOSS miniconf being held at lca2011.

I'm looking for talks on Free and Open Source Software development in the mobile arena. This can range from full open stack development (are you working on the Meego Stack, have you played with the Android source?) to development of FOSS apps (including on closed platforms such as the iPhone and Windows Phone 7).

So if you've got something to talk about then wander along to here:

MobileFOSS Miniconf Call For Papers

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Okay, a little late but here it is, the official Call for Papers has opened for the MobileFOSS miniconf.

What are we looking for?

We're looking for presentations on topics relating to development on Free and Open Source Software based Mobile Systems. This can be on any of the following: