Do you suffer from rage watching?

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There is a terrible ailment sweeping the land. Sufferers find themselves compelled to watch, listen, read or generally consume media output that causes high blood pressure, anger and a desperate, overwhelming urge to tweet about how much they truly loathe the media thing they are consuming.

Rage watching.

Mark got a booboo

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Mark Latham losing his AFR column because an advertiser thought his abusive tweets and articles weren't worth being associated with isn't actually a freedom of speech issue.

Nope, not even close to it.

Do you know why?


No one is stopping Latho from spouting his particular brand of down home "outer suburban dad" brand of putresence.

The next step in the death of the regional networks

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So we were flicking around youtube this evening as we are wont to do and we came across this ad

Now, an ad on youtube is nothing special, however what is special about this one is the fact that it's a local ad. That fishing shop is fifteen minutes from where I live and it's not the first local ad that I've seen on Youtube lately.

An Open Letter to Prime, WIN and Southern Cross

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So, you've decided to launch a campaign to "Save our voices" to try and "rescue" regional voices in news and current affairs.

That's nice and all, but what exactly are you proposing here?

I mean seriously, what do you think it will take to "rescue" an industry that has essentially been left to rot because the people in charge have completely missed the biggest shift in media consumption since the advent of the radio?

On Super Hero Movies and worthiness

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This was originally going to be a comment on this post over at the Guardian

Yeah so here's the thing. Hollywood isn't about worthy (in the academic sense), has never been about worthy as a business model.

Rather it's about bums on seats. From the time before they invented talkies the whole business is about making sure that people spend their hard earned cash watching the studios movie rather than someone elses.

Dare Devil

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So we've been watching Dare Devil over the last couple of nights, we're up to episode 3 and I have to say I'm really impressed.

I've never been a big fan of Dare Devil the character, and dear god the movie was complete shite (up there with the first Hulk movie featuring Eric Bana for badness), but this series has really sucked me in.

It's not a TV anymore it's a Screen

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I was reading a story about TV manufacturers and their struggle to keep sales up in the face of economic downturns and the rise of so called "2nd screen" devices, and I thought to myself (as I often do) "they're doing it wrong".

Part of the problem I think is the mentality of the manufacturers in trying to hang on to the idea of TV. For most of us TV represents a very distinct thing. It's a big box/panel that feeds us what the free to air or cable broadcasters send across the air or down the cable. You have to work your schedule around the broadcasters.

Alan Jones says something mysogynistic, news at 11

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Just in case you managed to miss it, Alan Jones, he who rules the ranty "I'm a white male with lots of money stop repressing me" airways, yesterday claimed that women were "destroying the joint". The joint of course being Australia. The women he mentions to back up his claim of course are those on the oppposite side of the political divide from Dear Alan, Julia Gillard, Christine Nixon and Clover Moore.

I know. I was shocked.

#Facepalmer and #grubbyjournalism

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Well, you can't say that Australian politics is dull.

Blogging makes me feel like real media and other goodness

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Thought I would put something up for the end of the week.

Over at I've put up a quick look at the Independent Media Inquiry report and their brilliant idea to start counting page hits to determine whether your site counts as real media or not. 41 hits a day is the magical number by the way.