Throsby - a quick catchup

Last time I blogged I spoke about the current stoush occuring in my Federal seat of Throsby between the left and right factions of the Labor party over who was going to be the next Labor candidate (and most likely member).

Well, the final showdown is going to happen on the 15th of June, with the current encumbent Stephen Jones going up against the contender and son of a former state mp, John Rumble.

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Dear Western Sydney you're not alone

This week is going to be full of Western Sydney. Both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition are tramping around the area trying to convince the voters in a number of marginal seats that their team would be the best for the area, waving vague promises of jobs, laura norder and much needed infrastructure.

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A new Wollongong

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth lately about the future of the Bluescope Steelworks that sit at the heart of the Wollongong economy.

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