Re Fires and the Cause of Fires

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Okay, I'm tired, cranky and still trying to shake the lingering after effects of a migraine, however I think this needs to be posted further than the facebook post I splashed it on in reference to the idea that "greenies" claim that Climate Change will be the direct cause of fires therefor they're stupid because everyone knows that's not true so there nya nya!

Carbon Cate a smoke screen

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What do the following headlines have in common?

'Carbon Cate' Blanchett tells Aussies to pay up over carbon charge

Screams the Daily Telegraph

Electricity Prices and a Carbon Price

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So one of the big whinges from the Opposition seems to be that any Carbon price (market driven or tax imposed) will cause the price of electricity to rise dramatically.

Leaving aside the fact that electricity prices have risen consistantly over the past few years without any sort of price on carbon, every argument has ignored the role that domestic power generation could have in offsetting any future power price rises.