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It's not a TV anymore it's a Screen

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I was reading a story about TV manufacturers and their struggle to keep sales up in the face of economic downturns and the rise of so called "2nd screen" devices, and I thought to myself (as I often do) "they're doing it wrong".

Part of the problem I think is the mentality of the manufacturers in trying to hang on to the idea of TV. For most of us TV represents a very distinct thing. It's a big box/panel that feeds us what the free to air or cable broadcasters send across the air or down the cable. You have to work your schedule around the broadcasters.

Now available for Parties, MobileFOSS and Angry Beanie

So my time with the Sydney Institute of TAFE has come to an end, meaning that I am now available for parties and weddings.

In MobileFOSS news, I'm going to be putting up the first draft of the schedule later on today. You'll notice a few blank spots, they're waiting to be filled by people with awesome mobile talks. Is that you?

MobileFOSS - An Update

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Today I'm sending out the acceptance emails for those who've submitted talks to MobileFOSS at lca2013.

We have some excellent talks, ranging from an update from the Serval project, building Android based Appliances to building your own phone network.

However I am still looking for more talks. So if you're coming to lca2013 and you have something to say about mobile development in the FOSS space, then please let me know.

Revisting an old Project

A couple of years ago I started working on a couple of Android apps.

For Science! Purser Explores The World and other Angry Beanie stuff

Well it's been almost a month since I last blogged so here's a bit of a catchup.

For Science! episode 2 was released. I think we're doing pretty well, Maia and Magdeline are excellent co-hosts, combining knowledge, humour and the ability to explain things in non-sciencese in two very cool packages.

We're going to be recording the next episode tomorrow night for release on Friday.

For Science! Episode 1 is now up

Just in case you're not following the going's on over at angrybeanie.com (and why aren't you? You should be), we've just released the first episode of a new show called For Science!

For Science is a fortnightly discussion programme where I'm joined by Dr Maia Sauren and Chemist and Metallurgist Magdeline Lum to talk about the science stories of the previous couple of weeks and see how the relate to the "Real World".

Getting the garden up and running again

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If you've been following this blog for a few years you may remember that I used to talk about gardening a bit. I was quite proud of my little vegie patch, I managed to grow quite a bit of what we ate (though potatos proved to be my nemisis).

Anyway, for a couple of years I haven't maintained a vegie garden. The old beds have been torn down and replaced with a trampoline for the kids, the compost heap has lain unturned for a couple of years and things have basically returned to what they were before I started.

Liberal Party: Comparing being gay to bestiality is ill disciplined

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Look, it's very simple, according to Tony Abbott, his (now former) parliamentary secretary Cory Bernadi was being ill disciplined when he said that allowing gay marriage would inevitably and irrevocabbly lead to men marrying their dogs/horses/cats/stick insects.

Ill disciplined.

Not wrong, not offensive, not even a little wrong headed.

Ill disciplined.

Roxon goes to Youtube to make her case

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The Australian Attorney General - Nicola Roxon, has just recently posted a video on the Youtubes to try and explain what it is she and the various law enforcement and security offices are asking for.

Ever suffer from Brain Lock?

I do.

It's the condition where you have several awesome ideas, things that you know are going to be cool (as in bow tie cool), but your brain just refuses to let you get them out of your head.

Instead you just sit there beating against the inside of your own skull until it either goes away or the moment for the idea has passed (usually because someone without brain lock has also had the idea and has moved on it before you have).

I really do have to work out the best way to get a crowbar in and lever these things out in a timely manner.