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We Won An Award

Well our client did using our services, so pardon me while I bask in reflected glory :)

Zope and Plone XMLRPC

Dear Lazyweb,

I'm looking for some doco on how to manage Plone via XMLRPC. Specifically I want to be able to create, edit and delete Plone sites. Unfortunately my google foo is lacking in this department so any pointers would be most appreciated.

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512MB of RAM A Working Vista Does Not Make

Aside from the Collaboration and new media stuff we also do PC Cleanups and Repairs as part of our business. Mostly it's word of mouth stuff, not huge but it's enough.

One thing I have seen more than enough of in my time doing this job is the so called "Vista Ready" budget laptop. That's the el-cheapo laptop available from $[MAJOR RETAILER] with el-cheapo specs, including 512MB of RAM. This they then decided to stick Vista on.

OSOTA 2008-09-16 Is Out

We've just released Open Source On The Air - 2008-09-16 a week early, for more information about why, head over to the blag

Adding the Blag

Okay I've added a new section to the OSOTA site, the Show Blag. It's mix between a blog and a bragging section where we'll be putting all sorts of bits and pieces about the show and the stories we cover.

In Episode Advertising

If you've listened to the episode we released last night (you haven't? quick go here and download the latest from the "Latest Episode" block on the right), then you would have heard us talking about offering spots on the programme for Free and Open Source Software projects to promote themselves.

OSOTA 2008-09-08

Hey! We managed to get a second episode out!

"Well we finally made it to episode 2 of Open Source On The Air. This time round we're talking to Donna Benjamin about LugComms and former LA President Jon Oxer about SuperHouse.

We're also launching a spot on the show for Free and Open Source Software projects to advertise themselves, so listen in."


EDIT:Both the MP3's and ogg files are now available. Enjoy :)

Not Tonight Dear

So you've probably worked out that we're not going to be releasing the next episode of OSOTA tonight. Blergh, these things they are sent to try us aren't they.

Anyhoo, we should be able to get something out tomorrow and failing that Friday at the latest.


It Happens In Threes

Monday was not a good day.

It started about 1 in the morning when Karin woke me up to inform me that her computer had suffered a catastrophic magic smoke failure, complete with sparks and bright orange flash. Her PSU had hosed itself in a spectacular fashion.

SCLUG Presentation

I'm going to be talking about the use of FOSS tools in Small Business at the next South Coast Linux User Group meeting, so if you're in Wollongong and would like to catch it, or even in Sydney or other areas close by (for a given definition of close) then please feel free to rock on by.