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The Grils!

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After a particularly insane morning in #linux-aus I was inspired to create this:


Sigh, if only the AUD didn't suck so much compared to the USD at the moment, I might actually sell something.

OSOTA - You Mean We've Done Another One?

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Hey guess what we're going to be doing tonight?

That's right, we're going to be releasing another episode of Open Source On The Air. We've finally managed to sit down and put together a couple of great interviews about a very cool livecd project and what I like to call a brand new MySQL distro.

It should be out late tonight.

A Couple Of Myth Questions

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From my last post:


Hey James, found you blog via planet.ubuntu.com.au. Wanted to know how you setup the TV guides in MythTV? It is probably the most frustrating for me.

As I'm using a digital card I tend to rely on the EIT that gets transmitted with the rest of the stream. I did have an xmltv thing setup (shepard I think it was called) however something went phooey and all the shows were being given times at least 11 hours out.


Rebuilding the Home Server

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Well it finally happened, the home server packed it in. So I'm currently in the process of re-installing everything, which is taking a while because I'm sticking with gentoo as the base OS. While I'm doing this I thought I would have a look a what I'm running on it:

  • MythTV
  • Asterisk
  • VMWare Server with a couple of VM's for business and development
  • Web
  • Nagios
  • Backups for the business
  • Network Printer

And more.



Plone Buildout Part 1

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Okay, enough of the touchy feely, let's get into some tech.

For those of you who may not know, I work with Plone, the zope based CMS. I view Plone as an excellent foundation for your extranet/intranet and sell it as such.

Up until recently, I've been using the universal installer when I setup a Plone/Zope instance and then have modified it from there. However project I'm working on at the moment (more on that later) requires that I finally make the move to the very cool build out system.

What's Your Idea Of A Good Day?

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Kristy Bennet has replied with her idea of a good day and I was wondering if anyone else had any thoughts. What's your idea of a good day?

A Good Day

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You know what a good day is?

A good day is when you go out into your garden and see that you actually achieved a crop.

A good day is sending your kids off to school and pre-school happy.

A good day is fixing that pain in the arse bug that you've been trying to nail for the past two weeks.

A good day is cranking up your favourite music to 11.

A good day is realising that "hey, you do know what the hell you're talking about!"

A good day is getting into the groove.

Guess what today is

More Of The Gardening Thing

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Okay it's about time for another post in the epic saga that is the Purser family garden.

First off, my god Zuchinni plants are hardy beasts. Our Zuchinni patch was getting pretty crowded, to the point of ridiculousness really. So I dug one of them out and transplanted it into the pot where we were trying to grow a few pumpkins. By that afternoon it was looking very wilted and I was sure that it was going to survive, but lo and behold, the next morning there was new growth and it's been going strong ever since.

My Own Message To Conroy

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Given the fact that:

a) I've managed to hose my political blog in moving it from Drupal 5 to 6 and

b) Stephen Conroy and the Labor Party's "brilliant" (please note the quote marks) Internet filtering plan has been getting plenty of air time lately. I thought I would post a message that I sent to the Senator for Thinking of The Children several months ago.

I am writing to express my grave concerns with regards to your plans to introduce a Mandatory ISP Filtering scheme.

Gardening Section

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So I've added a new feature to the blog, I've finally started splitting stuff up into catagories. For the moment it's going to be limited to General, Biz and Gardening but will expand.

This is my first post in the Gardening Catagory so enjoy ;)