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And the bidding has begun

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Well the election campaign is starting to heat up, you can tell, because the opposition is actually starting to release policies instead of just doing the usual "We oppose it cos we can!".

You can also tell the election campaign is starting to get real when the parties start to get into the "I'm tougher than the other guy is" competitions.

In the national interest and other useless phrases

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Okay here's a list of phrases that have been rolled out in the election campaign (whatever anyone else tells you, we're in election mode federally) so far that I think should be banned:

"In the nations interest"

Google won't censor china, what hope Conroy?

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Google has just announced that as of right now, they have ceased providing a specially filtered search service for the Chinese mainland, rather they are redirecting each request for google.cn to google.com.hk, where the requirement for filtering doesn't exist (AFAIK).

This is a big step for Google and it's going to have repercussions for other nations that seek to censor their internet feeds, such as Australia.

Inspiring and Depressing at the same time

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Last night I finished watching a series called "From the earth to the moon". I think it was the first of Tom Hanks' forays into docu-drama (coming after the movie Apollo 13).

As you might guess from the title the series follows the events leading up to the first landing on the moon and afterwards to the final Apollo mission in 1972. As a series it is an excellent examination of the people involved in the American Space effort, from Astronauts to their wives, to the contractors and everyone else involved.

Dear TV Networks - Sigh

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Okay, Freeview (the group that represents all of the major Free to Air Networks, including commercial and government owned) has announced that it's going to be launching a new Electronic Programme Guide service in June, complete with new hardware and something they are calling an Online Catchup Service.

Never take a photo of a Yeast Ring

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Today while out with the family, we decided to purchase a treat for the kids. So we headed for the nearby donut place to purchase the required sickeningly sweet treat.

Turns out they didn't have enough of the particular sweet my son wanted, so he picked what looked like an iced donut with chocolate flakes on it. Except it wasn't called a donut, rather it was called a Yeast Ring.

Online Content Ombudsman

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Hey here's an idea to combat the rash of idiotic facebook page "hacks" (leaving your facebook page open to all is not a hack by the way). Let's set up an Online Content Ombudsman, who shall have the power to... umm... complain to overseas companies.


Originally suggested by South Australian independent Senator Nick Xenaphon, it's been picked up by the Government to show how "pro-active" they are when it comes to dealing "Teh Evil Interwebs".

What do I and Will Smith have in common?

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 We've both played Enemies of the State.

Seriously, according to this article the IIPA (International Intellectual Property Alliance) has requested that the US Trade Representative place countries that mandate, or (and here's the kicker) even suggest the use of Open Source software be placed on a special list of countries that have lax intellectual property regimes (read Pirate Havens).

How much Australian Content is generated online

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I was pondering the supposed reason behind the recent fee rebate the Government is giving to the TV networks, that Australian Content needs to be developed and played on our air waves, when a question arose.

How much "Australian Content" is generated online? If you took the podcasts, blog posts, music and videos generated by Australians for online consumption, how would they stack up against the "Traditional Media"?

Does anyone know if any studies have been done on this?

Oh and I've added the spam module and turned off comment moderation, let's see how this goes.

Two Ministers and a Shadow

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Let me ask you a question.

Which is worse:

A minister who oversees an infrastructure programme that relies upon State standards bodies to police the work (building codes being State responsibilities). Under this programme there have been a number of deaths (3) and faulty installations (houses burning down) due to participants not working to minimum standards.