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Never take a photo of a Yeast Ring

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Today while out with the family, we decided to purchase a treat for the kids. So we headed for the nearby donut place to purchase the required sickeningly sweet treat.

Turns out they didn't have enough of the particular sweet my son wanted, so he picked what looked like an iced donut with chocolate flakes on it. Except it wasn't called a donut, rather it was called a Yeast Ring.

Online Content Ombudsman

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Hey here's an idea to combat the rash of idiotic facebook page "hacks" (leaving your facebook page open to all is not a hack by the way). Let's set up an Online Content Ombudsman, who shall have the power to... umm... complain to overseas companies.


Originally suggested by South Australian independent Senator Nick Xenaphon, it's been picked up by the Government to show how "pro-active" they are when it comes to dealing "Teh Evil Interwebs".

What do I and Will Smith have in common?

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 We've both played Enemies of the State.

Seriously, according to this article the IIPA (International Intellectual Property Alliance) has requested that the US Trade Representative place countries that mandate, or (and here's the kicker) even suggest the use of Open Source software be placed on a special list of countries that have lax intellectual property regimes (read Pirate Havens).

How much Australian Content is generated online

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I was pondering the supposed reason behind the recent fee rebate the Government is giving to the TV networks, that Australian Content needs to be developed and played on our air waves, when a question arose.

How much "Australian Content" is generated online? If you took the podcasts, blog posts, music and videos generated by Australians for online consumption, how would they stack up against the "Traditional Media"?

Does anyone know if any studies have been done on this?

Oh and I've added the spam module and turned off comment moderation, let's see how this goes.

Two Ministers and a Shadow

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Let me ask you a question.

Which is worse:

A minister who oversees an infrastructure programme that relies upon State standards bodies to police the work (building codes being State responsibilities). Under this programme there have been a number of deaths (3) and faulty installations (houses burning down) due to participants not working to minimum standards.

Friendly Fire on the Open Internet Front

You know something, there are a lot of us working to try and educate and inform our family, friends and communities about the dangers and inadequacies of the proposed mandatory ISP filtering scheme. We're actually talking to people, explaining the issues as they stand and answering questions.

We're also trying to get the media to move away from the over-simplistic "It's all about the Child Porn" angle to look at the real problems with the scheme.

My first Android App

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 Well, here's my first Android App. Essentially it's a recreation of my Google Wave Robot - OpenAusBot, well at least the House of Reps member search.

Right now, it just does basic member searches based on Federal Seat, returning name, party and date elected. Still working on the ImageView.

Further plans are to build postcode search and geo-search.

What I don't have (yet) is a real android phone, so if anyone wants to download the apk attached to this post and make sure it works (it uses the Android 2.0 SDK), that would be great, thanks.

lca2010 Day 1

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Well it's the end of day one of linux.conf.au here in Wellington and I have to say it's been a pretty good start to the event.

Breakfast, or so it claimed:

I left sleepy Dapto at 4am yesterday morning to make it up to Sydney for my 8:45 flight. Everything went well, and I met up with other lca attendees (Melissa Draper, Michael and Brett Morgan). Check in was fine and we were soon boarding. I took out my copy of LotR and the trip commenced.

What I'm Going To Be Doing At LCA2010

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This time next week, I'll be 30,000 feet over the tasman sea, winging my way to New Zealand for this years linux.conf.au.

I'm going to be presenting two talks at the Google Wave miniconf:

Linux Australia Council Nominations

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If you hadn't noticed already, the elections for the 2010 Linux Australia Council have been open for a little while. You may also notice that I've been nominated for the role of Vice President (well got one nomination so far, just need another one :)).

I've decided to return to the arena for a couple of reasons: