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Re Fires and the Cause of Fires

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Okay, I'm tired, cranky and still trying to shake the lingering after effects of a migraine, however I think this needs to be posted further than the facebook post I splashed it on in reference to the idea that "greenies" claim that Climate Change will be the direct cause of fires therefor they're stupid because everyone knows that's not true so there nya nya!

Do unto others

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Lo and it did come to pass that that which had been foretold happened.

Hrrmm, 3 months is a looong time between drinks

Well yah, so that happened.

It's been a solid three months since I last posted anything here, and the last bit that I did post was about the then upcoming election.

Well I suppose a quick update is required.

Regarding the election, as expected the Labor party lost government. They didn't get the complete and utter kicking some people thought they would/should get but they got kicked.

Throsby - a quick catchup

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Last time I blogged I spoke about the current stoush occuring in my Federal seat of Throsby between the left and right factions of the Labor party over who was going to be the next Labor candidate (and most likely member).

Well, the final showdown is going to happen on the 15th of June, with the current encumbent Stephen Jones going up against the contender and son of a former state mp, John Rumble.

Throsby - you can tell it's a safe labor seat

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The federal seat that I live in - Throsby - is by all accounts a very safe Labor seat. Since it was created in 1984 it has been held by Labor. The current encumbent, former union secretary Stephen Jones retained the seat at the last election with 62% of the vote after preferrences were distributed. If the expected votergeddon happens in September Throsby will be on of the few seats that Labor retains.

Which of course means that it is a treasure to be made safe against the on coming tide of voter dissent.

End of the week notes

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Well it's been a busy week work wise and Angry Beanie wise, over all I'm pretty happy with how things are going.

I'm currently working on making some changes to the Angry Beanie site. I've already added the three latest episodes as blocks on the front page featuring HTML5 players, but I'm also looking at rebuilding the Show and Episode pages. I'm just not happy with the layouts, too busy and not exactly attractive to look at.

Some thoughts on enragening

This is more of a rambling thought flow that anything with a particular focus.

Firstly, I need to post here more often. I've gotten out of the habit of actually sitting down and putting my thoughts to paper (as it were). Mostly because I've tried to keep away from stuff that could be called recreationally enragening.

Dang, been a while

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Wow, just checked and it has been a while since I last posted here.

Time for another catchup.

Firstly, if you don't know already, I am now employed fulltime as a developer with Catalyst-AU (the Australian branch of New Zealand based CatalystIT). This means of course that Collaborynth is going into hibernation for now.

Another For Science! out the door

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Last night saw another episode of For Science! released.

We spoke about the child who appears to have been "functionally cured' of HIV, a new form of locomotion for robots, bacteria from Lake Vostok, Mars and cloning.

You can find the MP3 here: http://angrybeanie.com/sites/angrybeanie.com/files/media/For_Science_-_Episode_8.mp3

Fund raising for Angry Beanie

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So if you haven't been following what I do over at Angry Beanie then you will have missed the bit where I blogged about raising funds to grow AB to something more than just me in front of a microphone.

Basically it boils down to this.