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Do you suffer from rage watching?

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There is a terrible ailment sweeping the land. Sufferers find themselves compelled to watch, listen, read or generally consume media output that causes high blood pressure, anger and a desperate, overwhelming urge to tweet about how much they truly loathe the media thing they are consuming.

Rage watching.

On the new Battlefront

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So I managed to get the new Battlefront beta down on to the Xbone.

The game itself is quite glorious, it has a real Star Wars feel to it. Hoth is presented in magnificent detail and running around the AT-AT's properly gives you sense of the truly massive size and threat that the walkers possess.

As a First Person Shooter it's not bad. It's very much Star Wars: Battlefield in that respect, and you know what? That's okay. I like the Battlefield style of combat and it doesn't detract from the Star Wars feel (the weapons and sound effects work is A1).

Lunch Time Science is returning

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Right, the next step in getting things back on track, Angry Beanie wise is rebooting the #lunchtimescience daily updates and the podcast that will be attached to it.

So starting next Monday, #lunchtimescience will return and I'm already on the hunt for the first scientist to profile for the show.

For Science!

TPP, Russia and Mandatory Data Retention

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It's 11:26pm on Monday night, we're watching Dark Matter and the news has come out that the Trans Pacific Partnership has been signed off. Given that we've not actually been allowed to see what the full detail of the treaty contains and the only parts that we have seen have been leaks that actively threaten our ability to make our own laws and maintain our institutions (hello PBS), this is not a thing that I am happy about.

New episode out this weekend

So I finally managed to catch up with Chris Arnade and have a chat about his Faces of Addiction project last friday night. I don't think I was at my best (but, after a year off and the interview being at 11pm I'm going to cut myself a little slack).

I'll be putting the episode out this weekend and will let everyone know when it's up.


First PETW in over two years!

So tomorrow night I'm going to be conducting my first interview for Purser Explores The World in over two years, wootness!

And even more awesome it's going to be with New York based photographer Chris Arnade who has been documenting the stories of people battling addiction and poverty in the New York neighbourhood of the South Bronx via the Faces of Addiction project.

Mark got a booboo

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Mark Latham losing his AFR column because an advertiser thought his abusive tweets and articles weren't worth being associated with isn't actually a freedom of speech issue.

Nope, not even close to it.

Do you know why?


No one is stopping Latho from spouting his particular brand of down home "outer suburban dad" brand of putresence.

The next step in the death of the regional networks

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So we were flicking around youtube this evening as we are wont to do and we came across this ad

Now, an ad on youtube is nothing special, however what is special about this one is the fact that it's a local ad. That fishing shop is fifteen minutes from where I live and it's not the first local ad that I've seen on Youtube lately.

Rethreading the Beanie

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So there hasn't been any activity over at angrybeanie.com (actual podcast wise) since October last year.

I keep meaning to reboot things but I never quite get around to it and I've been thinking about why.

I think it boils down to two problems:

Firstly, I suffer from "Been there done that itis", that is once I've done something I tend to start looking around for the next challenge.

Secondly I suffer from a severe case of "creators block".

An Open Letter to Prime, WIN and Southern Cross

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So, you've decided to launch a campaign to "Save our voices" to try and "rescue" regional voices in news and current affairs.

That's nice and all, but what exactly are you proposing here?

I mean seriously, what do you think it will take to "rescue" an industry that has essentially been left to rot because the people in charge have completely missed the biggest shift in media consumption since the advent of the radio?