For Science! Episode 1 is now up

Just in case you're not following the going's on over at (and why aren't you? You should be), we've just released the first episode of a new show called For Science!

For Science is a fortnightly discussion programme where I'm joined by Dr Maia Sauren and Chemist and Metallurgist Magdeline Lum to talk about the science stories of the previous couple of weeks and see how the relate to the "Real World".

Getting the garden up and running again

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If you've been following this blog for a few years you may remember that I used to talk about gardening a bit. I was quite proud of my little vegie patch, I managed to grow quite a bit of what we ate (though potatos proved to be my nemisis).

Anyway, for a couple of years I haven't maintained a vegie garden. The old beds have been torn down and replaced with a trampoline for the kids, the compost heap has lain unturned for a couple of years and things have basically returned to what they were before I started.

Liberal Party: Comparing being gay to bestiality is ill disciplined

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Look, it's very simple, according to Tony Abbott, his (now former) parliamentary secretary Cory Bernadi was being ill disciplined when he said that allowing gay marriage would inevitably and irrevocabbly lead to men marrying their dogs/horses/cats/stick insects.

Ill disciplined.

Not wrong, not offensive, not even a little wrong headed.

Ill disciplined.

Roxon goes to Youtube to make her case

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The Australian Attorney General - Nicola Roxon, has just recently posted a video on the Youtubes to try and explain what it is she and the various law enforcement and security offices are asking for.

Ever suffer from Brain Lock?

I do.

It's the condition where you have several awesome ideas, things that you know are going to be cool (as in bow tie cool), but your brain just refuses to let you get them out of your head.

Instead you just sit there beating against the inside of your own skull until it either goes away or the moment for the idea has passed (usually because someone without brain lock has also had the idea and has moved on it before you have).

I really do have to work out the best way to get a crowbar in and lever these things out in a timely manner.

Alan Jones says something mysogynistic, news at 11

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Just in case you managed to miss it, Alan Jones, he who rules the ranty "I'm a white male with lots of money stop repressing me" airways, yesterday claimed that women were "destroying the joint". The joint of course being Australia. The women he mentions to back up his claim of course are those on the oppposite side of the political divide from Dear Alan, Julia Gillard, Christine Nixon and Clover Moore.

I know. I was shocked.

Vale Neil Armstrong

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I don't know what it is about the passing of the first man on the moon that has hit me as hard as it has.

When I heard that Neil Armstrong had died, I felt... sad, but something more. It's hard to put into words but I think the best I can come up with is, grief.

I don't know the man personally, I was born eight years after he took his momentus steps of the Lunar Module and the space race of my early years was shuttle launches, Mir and Challanger. I never got to sit, glued to the TV, watching as he hopped off the bottom step of the LM ladder onto the dusty surface.

MobileFOSS 2013

If you haven't heard already, the committee has announced the first lot of approved miniconfs for lca2013.

The excellent news is that MobileFOSS has been approved.

The mobile space has changed a lot since 2011 when MobileFOSS was last run, we've had losses (with Nokia abandoning QT/Meego) and we've had gains (Android has continued to grow and grow). We've also seen HTML5 and the mobile web develop to the point where the debate about native vs web isn't anywhere as clear cut as it used to be.

Purser Explores The World - Communicating Science

The next episode of Purser Explores The World, Communicating Science is now available:

It's National Science Week in Australia so I thought I would have a chat with some communicators of science.

Upulie DivisekeraMagdeline Lum and Maia Sauren join me to discuss why they are passionate about science comms, what got them involved, ice cream, harry potter and Sir David Attenborough.

Angry Beanie Radio, now almost like a real radio station

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A while back I wrote up a description of the streaming setup that I was building for Angry Beanie Radio. It was designed so that I could play both pre-recorded and live content, including live interviews conducted via Skype. However it lacked a bit when it came to the ability to run a "real radio station". By real of course I mean the ability to have a continuous stream running, edit playlists on the run and mix live shows with pre-recorded content (switching between two different streams).