Welcome to Bizarro World

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The latest article about the ongoing train wreck that is the NSW Labor Government only highlights the alternate reality that the so called "Ruling Class" seems to be living in.

FedOne inching closer to being useful

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Okay I've added a new section to the FedOne book. This time we're concentrating on the FedOne Agent framework, which provides the same sort of functionality to FedOne that the Robots API does for Googles own Wave servers.

FedOne Agent Framework

A Couple of Conf Things

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I know I haven't blogged for a little while, and I promise a fuller post later on, however for now there's a couple of conf things I want to promote:


The Open Source Developers Conference is going to be held in Brisbane at the Bardon Conference Centre from the 25th November to the 27th.

Wave - Working Around The Hype

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I haven't blogged for a little while, and my only excuse is that I've been concentrating on doing rather than writing about it.

Anyway I thought I would put down some notes about the stuff I've been doing with Google's Wave and the avalanch that has been the launch of the new Beta Preview.

Sometimes things just feel right

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I'm sitting here listening to the kids playing out in the backyard, some tunes bopping out of the myth box and working on a couple of projects and things just feel good.

Later on we're going to be heading over to wish my niece a happy birthday for yesterday (yep she was born on September 11 2001).

And of course in the middle of writing this an argument breaks out over who's cheating at backyard cricket. Le sigh.

Anyway, apart from work work, here's what I'm working on at the moment:

Greetings Agent Smith

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If you're running the Wave Reference Server I would suggest that now is the time to update and rebuild it. In the latest release of the code, the guys at Google have added "Agent" support and an echoeyagent to demonstrate how to write your own Agents.

Agents fulfil the same roles as Robots in the Wavesandbox, being programmatic participants in the wave which respond to other users.

So let's see who can write the first third party agent.

Google Wave - Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

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I'm a parent to three wonderful and sometimes wonderfully frustrating children. Each of them has gone through that stage where they see something they like and believe they need to cram as much as they can in their mouth at once. You parents out there know this bit, their eyes bug out as they realise that they can't move their jaws because they're crammed to overflowing. What usually results is a huge mess and tears.

Channel WTF

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Many moons ago, the Australian Government decided that it was in its best interests to ensure that the exiting TV Networks got the lions share of the digital spectrum, effectively killing off any thought of competition by restricting non-players to "data-casting" (which I think roughly translates to  "You've got two chance's, Buckleys and None").

WRS - The Next Step

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Okay so now that you've got the WRS all setup and federated, you're talking to people around the world with the console client and wondering what to do next.

Well personally I think the next thing to do is have a look at what needs to be added to the WRS to move it beyond "Reference" and into something that can be used to really explore the Wave Concept.

Below is what I think the WRS is going to need and why:


The WRS needs a web based client for a couple of reasons.

Latest Gardening Update

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With all the Waving I've been doing lately I thought I'd break the monotony by doing a quick update about the Garden.

Over the winter we pulled out the zuchinnis and squash and for a while the beds lay unused. I turned them over occasionally but couldn't really get enthused about growing anything. Then my mum gifted us with a few packets of seeds and a few punnets of Broccoflower and I finally got back into the planting mood.

So to date we have: