ISP Filtering - A Letter To My Member

Okay here's a first draft of the letter I'm planning on sending to my local member:

I am writing to you concerning the proposed introduction of a mandatory ISP filtering scheme by the Australian Federal Government.

ISP Filtering

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During last weeks Broadband Future event the focus was on the future, what changes would the NBN bring to this country, how would it change the delivery of medical services, media production and so on and so forth. People were excited and looking forward to the new challenges.

Revolving Door Gets One More Spin

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As if to prove that the Labor party is as capable of self destructive behaviour on a scale rarely seen as the Liberal party, the NSW Labor party last night threw out Nathan Rees and installed Kristine Keneally, just two weeks after Nathan Rees had requested and recieved extraordinary (for a Labor premier anyway) powers to actually select his own cabinet.

So now we have a State being ruled by its fourth Premier in as many years. It's fair to say that of the past three leaders, the people of NSW have actually managed to elect just one of them.

Double Dissolution - An Opportunity

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So now that the Government has the trigger and the ammunition for a Double Dissolution election, what does that mean for the rest of us?

First off let's be clear what a Double Dissolution election actually entails:

Down Goes The CPRS, What Now?

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Well true to their word, the Coalition has voted down the CPRS for the second time in the Senate and has handed the Government a Double Dissolution trigger.

Welcome to Bizarro World

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The latest article about the ongoing train wreck that is the NSW Labor Government only highlights the alternate reality that the so called "Ruling Class" seems to be living in.

FedOne inching closer to being useful

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Okay I've added a new section to the FedOne book. This time we're concentrating on the FedOne Agent framework, which provides the same sort of functionality to FedOne that the Robots API does for Googles own Wave servers.

FedOne Agent Framework

A Couple of Conf Things

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I know I haven't blogged for a little while, and I promise a fuller post later on, however for now there's a couple of conf things I want to promote:


The Open Source Developers Conference is going to be held in Brisbane at the Bardon Conference Centre from the 25th November to the 27th.

Wave - Working Around The Hype

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I haven't blogged for a little while, and my only excuse is that I've been concentrating on doing rather than writing about it.

Anyway I thought I would put down some notes about the stuff I've been doing with Google's Wave and the avalanch that has been the launch of the new Beta Preview.

Sometimes things just feel right

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I'm sitting here listening to the kids playing out in the backyard, some tunes bopping out of the myth box and working on a couple of projects and things just feel good.

Later on we're going to be heading over to wish my niece a happy birthday for yesterday (yep she was born on September 11 2001).

And of course in the middle of writing this an argument breaks out over who's cheating at backyard cricket. Le sigh.

Anyway, apart from work work, here's what I'm working on at the moment: