MobileFOSS Call For Papers closes THIS FRIDAY

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Just a reminder to everyone who reads this blog that the Call For Papers closes for the MobileFOSS miniconf being held at lca2011.

I'm looking for talks on Free and Open Source Software development in the mobile arena. This can range from full open stack development (are you working on the Meego Stack, have you played with the Android source?) to development of FOSS apps (including on closed platforms such as the iPhone and Windows Phone 7).

So if you've got something to talk about then wander along to here:

Grog Thoughts

I've deliberately held off writing this post until the fuss has died down so that it doesn't get caught up in the crap flood that followed the initial article.

But first an explanation for those of you just joining us.

Malcolm Turnbull - Opposition Spokesman on Communications

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So, the opposition has finally decided that they need someone with an ounce of clue in the shadow communications portfolio. In the new shadow ministry Malcolm Turnbull is going to be replacing Tony Smith (who seems to have annoyed Tony Abbott and the Liberal branch of the Faceless men enough to be bounced out of the ministry altogether).

MobileFOSS Miniconf Call For Papers

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Okay, a little late but here it is, the official Call for Papers has opened for the MobileFOSS miniconf.

What are we looking for?

We're looking for presentations on topics relating to development on Free and Open Source Software based Mobile Systems. This can be on any of the following:

lca2011 - Mobile FOSS Miniconf

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Well it seems that my insanity knows no bounds. During the LCA2011 call for papers I had an idea for a mini conf based on the ever growing arena of FOSS based mobile systems.

It turns out that I'm not the only one interested in this :)

I got the okay a couple of days ago and today I was told that I could start talking about it. So the next step is going to be setting up the site for the miniconf and working out Call for Papers and so on.


Android Market: Still closed to Australian Paid Apps

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 Sigh, so close and yet so far.

This morning a message hit the Android Australia mailing list claiming that Australia had been added to the small list of countries that  were allowed to sell Apps in the Android market.

Alas, it wasn't so. Instead it appears that Australias addition to the list was in error and we are still part of the great unwashed who are unable to take advantage of googles sales infrastructure.

iPhone Open Australia Search update

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 Just a quick update on the iphone version of the openaustralia search app:

House of Reps Search:

Currently hardcoded to search by postcode. Need to include a Picker so that people can choose how they search for their members, however, the Picker widget on the iPhone is hucking fuge! Seriously, the thing looks like something out your local hotels Pokie room.

Senate Search:

Nothing done here yet

Hansard Search:

Open Australia Search - iPhone version

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 Okay, I finally decided to put bit to processor and start an iphone version of the Open Australia Search app that I've been writing for Android.

Now, my knowledge of Objective-C and apple development is miniscule, so what's up there now is just enough to build and present the "front view" off the app, but I've already had offers of help from people more experienced in this strange and esoteric environment so we'll see how we go.

Anyways, here's the source:

So, our pariament is hung

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If you, like me, have been bemoaning the general publics complete lack of knowledge about how the government works, then rejoice. For the hung parliament has made everyone sit up and say "huh?" At which point the edumacation starts.