Apparently I lack a Moral Compass, oh and ethics classes

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I like to think of myself as an informed atheist. By that I mean I don't merely dismiss religion out of hand, but rather I examine the world around me, the various religious texts and so on and arrive at my atheism through a process of deduction and reasoning. I don't blindly condemn those who hold faith as somehow deficient or inherently evil. People who hold faith are no different in my eyes than those who don't.

I'm straight, married and have kids and I don't feel threatened by Gay marriage

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Sorry, I just have to get this off my chest.

I am really, really, really tired of so called Culture Warriors sallying forth against the evils of Gay Marriage on my behalf.

It's Traditional

I'm sorry, the argument that this is the way its been done for the last few hundred years so we should keep doing it is just dumb.

Let's have a look at a few other things that were "traditional":

MobileFOSS Catchup

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Man the last week has been busy and I have managed to do nothing for MobileFOSS until today.

Okay the Call For Papers closed last Friday and there were some really nice submissions. However there is still room for more. We're looking for talks about Free and Open Source Software Development on mobile platforms. This can mean stack development on open platforms such as WebOS or Android, or application development on closed platforms like iOS or WP7.

We want to hear from you!


For Hire - 1 Excellent Admin Person

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And no it's not me.

My sister is looking for a job in Sydney after her previous employer suffered a down turn in business. She's got plenty of experience in warehouse admin and customer service and has the added bonus of knowing her way around a computer beyond simple data entry and word processing.

I've attached her resume to this post so if you're looking for an admin person in Sydney, grab it, have a look and give her a call.

Heading to Frisco

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Come the 7th of November I'm going to taking my second international trip of the year with a trip to San Francisco to attend the Wave Summit at Googles' San Fran Office.

The Summit is going to be a meeting of the minds between the Google developers still working on Wave (and doing a bang up job of getting the Wave In A Box project up and running) and the small but slowly growing community of external developers, testers and associated bods (of which I am one) that want to see the Wave idea continue to grow.

MobileFOSS Call For Papers closes THIS FRIDAY

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Just a reminder to everyone who reads this blog that the Call For Papers closes for the MobileFOSS miniconf being held at lca2011.

I'm looking for talks on Free and Open Source Software development in the mobile arena. This can range from full open stack development (are you working on the Meego Stack, have you played with the Android source?) to development of FOSS apps (including on closed platforms such as the iPhone and Windows Phone 7).

So if you've got something to talk about then wander along to here:

Grog Thoughts

I've deliberately held off writing this post until the fuss has died down so that it doesn't get caught up in the crap flood that followed the initial article.

But first an explanation for those of you just joining us.

Malcolm Turnbull - Opposition Spokesman on Communications

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So, the opposition has finally decided that they need someone with an ounce of clue in the shadow communications portfolio. In the new shadow ministry Malcolm Turnbull is going to be replacing Tony Smith (who seems to have annoyed Tony Abbott and the Liberal branch of the Faceless men enough to be bounced out of the ministry altogether).

MobileFOSS Miniconf Call For Papers

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Okay, a little late but here it is, the official Call for Papers has opened for the MobileFOSS miniconf.

What are we looking for?

We're looking for presentations on topics relating to development on Free and Open Source Software based Mobile Systems. This can be on any of the following: