Working things out

Working things out

Submitted by James Purser on Tue, 02/12/2013 - 11:12

The last couple of months have been interesting for me.

I've had a couple of short contracts working with Drupal and Joomla and I have to say, I'm still very much a Drupal person. Joomla just doesn't seem to have the same polish, either in the core system or the module set around it. You may disagree but meh, everyone's different.

I attended lca2013, which of course rocked. On Monday there was MobileFOSS. We had an excellent range of talks (admittedly almost half came from the Serval Project), including a demo of the OpenPhoenux and FireFoxOS platforms. A good time was had by all and when the videos go up I'll post them up here.

Angry Beanie is getting back up to speed, I've released two episodes of Purser Explores The World - Tomorrows Geek and My Kingdom For A Horse - so far this year and tomorrow night the crew from For Science! is going to be recording the first episode for the year.

In other Angry Beanie news, I'm looking at ways to raise funds for various projects, including upgrading the gear I use to record and put everything together. I'll be posting more about that once I've got it sorted out (and frankly once I've got the guts up to do it). Needless to say it could all be sorted if some podcast loving billionaire decided to give me n+lots monies to work things out.

So to summarise, still looking for work, Angry Beanie coming along and Joomla still (for me) sucks.