Wireless doesn't mean the death of the NBN


Yet another article running the line that because we're all moving to wireless devices (such as smartphones, tablets and laptops) the NBN is now about as useful as clay tablets.

Look, let me use our home as an example.

We have a number of different devices that use wireless:

1 x iPad 1

1 x Xoom

1 x Nexus S (smartphone)

1 x Huwei Android Phone (smartphone)

1 x iPod 3

The two tablets and the iPod are wireless only while the two smartphones are mobile data capable. I have data on the nexus S while the Huwei doesn't.

When they're in the house, all of those devices run off the wireless, which relies entirely on the ADSL2 connection (currently running at 5MBit/s). They do this because frankly, mobile data just isn't good enough to handle the sort of demands that we put on it.

Now we're probably not a "typical family" we tend to be early adopters and are heavy internet users (we're definitely moving towards the interwebs as our primary source of entertainment), however I think our use case is going to be more representative of the future than a mobile only existance.

The other thing is that wireless is different to mobile. Wireless in this context is generally supported by fixed internet, especially in the home or workplace. The NBN means that the wireless in my house becomes even more effective, while mobile is entirely dependent on the network built by the telcos and has to support so many more devices at the same time.

I'm probably not being super coherent (headache is headachy), but I'm really getting tired of people running the "wireless will kill the NBN" line without any idea of what they're talking about.

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