Want to "disrupt" live sport? Pick up a camera

So I got into a discussion today on the twitters about whether the NBN would "disrupt" live sport. The whole thing seemed to revolve around the idea that because the NBN would allow things like streaming 4K video it would mean that the whole world of live sports would be turned upside down with new players overthrowing the old.

Of course the singular problem with this idea is the idea that because the tech would allow then everything else would fall into place. That the deeply entrenched contracts and loyalties that tie major sport in Australia to the various existing players would vanish in a puff of fibre.

If you really want to "disrupt" live sport (and by the way, that is such a stupid phrase), you should be doing what these guys are doing. Blive is a conference streaming mob that operates out of Newcastle. During the winter months they use the services of livestream.com to present a Match of the Week for the Newcastle Rugby League, complete with commentary and everything else you could get from the big leagues.

That's going to disrupt live sport in Australia, not the NBN, not even 4K video streaming. There are sports in Australia ripe for this sort of thing. Not just the local football competition, but sports like Ice Hockey or Roller Derby that might be considered fringe but have a core of supporters around the country.

Hell imagine what could be done for womens sport in this country if someone with a pot of money decided to take it online? 

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