Stop using Autism to push your own brand of lunacy

Seriously, just stop it.

For a long time now we've had the Anti-vaccers pushing the inane and fraudulent line that vaccinations cause Autism.  For almost as long the evidence has been there to prove that this claim is complete and utter bull crap. No one credible has been able to replicate the findings and now we're reaping the "benefits" of a drop in vaccinations, namely the sharp rise in diseases such as Pertusis, Measles and so on.

Now we have PETA latching onto Autism to push their brand of militant veganism. They're claiming that Dairy products can either cause or exacerbate the symptoms of Autism. Mind you, if you have a look at the article itself, they don't actually link to any scientific reports that link dairy and autism. Hell they don't even link out of their own site, every single damn link is to another page on the PETA website.

You know what? I'm sick and tired of people picking Autism to push their own barrow. Autism is a hugely complex set of problems, that ranges from high functioning autism disorders such as Aspergers through to Rain Man type Autism and beyond. To try and claim that you have all the answers with no or dodgy science to back you up is worse than fraudulent, it's cruel. You hold out false hope for parents and family.

If you really care about kids with Autism then put your money where your mouth is. Do the research, fund the medical studies. Get involved with developing the coping mechanisms that Autistic kids of all types are going to need to get along in a society that for them just doesn't make sense.

Otherwise, if all you want to do is make noise and push something like veganism or fear of science, then just rack off and let the rest of us get on with trying to deal with the issues.

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