Some thoughts on enragening

This is more of a rambling thought flow that anything with a particular focus.

Firstly, I need to post here more often. I've gotten out of the habit of actually sitting down and putting my thoughts to paper (as it were). Mostly because I've tried to keep away from stuff that could be called recreationally enragening.

However over the past few weeks I've come to the conclusion that at times, it's actually perfectly valid to be pissed off about something that you see/hear in the media. Not over things like Tony Abbotts "women of a certain calibre" comment, honestly if I was going to get pissed off every time Abbott said something stupid then I'd have a heart attack before I was 36.

Instead it's things like the fact that the Government wants to strip away the already meager welfare provisions for for asylum seekers who have the temerity to appeal an adverse decision. Or the fact that our "progressive" Government is being made to look reactionary and right wing by the New Zealand conservative government.

Or its watching the "ER MER GERD ABC IS BIERSED!" crap that flies around. Both those who call themselves the left and those who call themselves the right claim the ABC is biased against them. 

"There are no conservative presenters on the ABC" is the cry from the right

"Why even is the IPA!" is the cry from the left.

Of course this all boiled up after the last time that Leigh Sales interviewed Tony Abbott. Because Sales didn't eviscerate Abbott and leave his bloody carcass on the floor for the forest wolves, people accused her of being the lapdog of the right (and that by no means was the worst of what she was accused of being or doing).

If you didn't like the interview, then fine, I personally thought that Abbott had been better trained for it, being able to keep repeating the same thing over again regardless of what question he was going to be asked. 

What was really incredibly galling was the stench of hypocrisy  (those in the know will recognise the phrase) over some of those who claimed to be on the left. Especially those who would take the opportunity to slam Abbott for being mysogynistic and then go on and being even bigger mysogynistic fuck knuckles by accusing Leigh Sales of orally servicing Abbott in no uncertain terms.

You don't get to do that. If you do that you lose, there is no winning and you just look like the monster browed idiot that you are.


As I said, this post was always going to be more a rambling thought thingy than anything else. I really do need to get back into practice.


Like the way you convey your thoughts here and I am sure that some readers out there can relate with what you mean here. Thank you! - YOR Health

You are right Karen
Oliwer B.

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