Some changes afoot

Some changes afoot

Submitted by James Purser on Sat, 03/09/2013 - 22:48

Starting on Monday I'm going to be joining the team at Catalyst IT Australia as a Drupal developer. This is going to be a full time position so there are going to be a few changes.

Firstly, this means that I'm going to be in Sydney 5 days a week, so if anyone wants to catch up for lunch then feel free to ping me :)

Secondly, it means that Collaborynth is going to go on a hiatus. To be honest there hasn't exactly been a huge amount of work at the moment, so I won't be taking any new clients. However for those people I'm already working with, I see nothing that will conflict with my new employment circumstances so that should be fine.

I'm still going to forge ahead as much as possible with Angry Beanie. This means Purser Explores The World and For Science! will continue on as they are, and I'm still looking at developing new shows for the site.

I'm actually quite excited about working with Catalyst. They are a massively supportive company when it comes to Free and Open Source Software, and the people I know from the New Zealand office are both excellent developers and wonderful people.

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