For Science! Purser Explores The World and other Angry Beanie stuff

Well it's been almost a month since I last blogged so here's a bit of a catchup.

For Science! episode 2 was released. I think we're doing pretty well, Maia and Magdeline are excellent co-hosts, combining knowledge, humour and the ability to explain things in non-sciencese in two very cool packages.

We're going to be recording the next episode tomorrow night for release on Friday.

Which brings us to the next bit of Angry Beanie news. I'm in the process of working out ways to improve the visibility of Angry Beanie and the shows produced under that banner. Yes, this means I'm looking for a interweb marketing for dummies type book. Sigh.

Anyway as part of this, I've decided to test out something I like to call Discovery Friday. You can read more about it over at the Angry Beanie blog.

Purser Explores The World continues to stumble along, my main problem is actually working on the great ideas I have before the episode is due out :)

In the mean time, the Angry Beanie studio is going to get a little bit of a makeover. The laptop I usually use to record my interviews and so on is starting to spike temperature wise (at the moment it's sitting on 85 degrees, mainly because of the mounted fan I have pointing at it). So I'm building a new work/Angry Beanie desktop.