Revue Update Update and a Rant

So yesterday I had a bit of whinge about the fact that I couldn't update my Logitech Revue because for some bizarre reason, they had geo locked the update.

Well last night I figured rather than wait around until Logitech or Google or whoever was responsible got to fixing the issue, I would utilise one of the many vpn services which allows me to pretend I'm actually a USanian for the purposes of accessing various web sites. 

I connected using a free trial account with the openvpn guys and lo and behold the update worked (in fact half a dozen apps that had until now refused to update, updated).

So now I have a nice shiny new Google Play Store on my Revue but unless I either setup my own vpn setup or pay for one of the commercial ones, I'm still restricted as to what content we get to view.

This is nuts.

In order for me to do the right thing and pay for content I wish to consume I have to do the following:

  • Purchase the services of a commercial VPN provider (who will allow me to pretend I'm from either the US or UK)
  • Acquire a US Credit Card
  • Acquire a US address for both said Credit Card and access to say Amazon or Google Movies/Music
  • Then pay for the service itself

The next time someone bitches to me about "piracy" I'm going to point them at that process and then I'm going to tell them that the shocking thing isn't that people pirate, it's that people actually do the above. They WANT to reward the content producers for their work, they WANT to access services in a way that means they aren't breaking laws.

At some point, something is going to have to break. "Traditional" content producers, the ones who are locked into this geographical market madness are going to be replaced by the new online producers. The TWiTs and Revision3's of the world, the ones who view the internet as a single market and plan accordingly are going to grow and increasingly threaten the position of the main stream.

So there ya have it. Until such time, people are either going to download shows from the intarwebs or find some way to actually pay people, who really do not seem all that fussed about taking your money.

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