Revisting an old Project

A couple of years ago I started working on a couple of Android apps.

The first - PlanningAlertsAU was based on the APIs and allowed people to track Development Applications based on a number of different search criteria. While I'm not an expert at making things pretty, I managed to get it to the point where I was okay with it going to the Android Market (or Play Store).

The second, and the one I'm reintroducing is GovSearchAU (formerly known as OpenAustraliaSearchDroid). Based on another Open Australia project, specifically the Open Australia website itself, it allows the user to search for Members of the House of Reps by postcode, party or seat, list senators by State or Territory and search through both sets of Hansard.

It's not pretty by any means (I'm working on that), but it is functional and aims to give people (especially those of a wonky nature) a resource they can use. So while I'm not ready for it to hit the Play Store, I have put up an apk for people to download and play with.

Both of the projects are licensed under GPL2, so if you feel like contributing then please feel free (especially if you're a UI person).