Re Fires and the Cause of Fires

Re Fires and the Cause of Fires

Submitted by James Purser on Wed, 10/23/2013 - 15:15

Okay, I'm tired, cranky and still trying to shake the lingering after effects of a migraine, however I think this needs to be posted further than the facebook post I splashed it on in reference to the idea that "greenies" claim that Climate Change will be the direct cause of fires therefor they're stupid because everyone knows that's not true so there nya nya!

Arrrghghghghgghgh. No one ever said that Climate Change would be the direct cause of fires. The direct cause will always be something else, a cigarette butt, a broken glass, lightning, some fuck knuckle with a box of matches and a hard on.

What people are saying is that Climate Change will lead to the sort of conditions that will make fires more likely, and much worse than they are now. Warm, dry winters and blustery windy springs/summers are going to make the change of a fire going from normal to firestorm a lot better.

I mean seriously, is it that hard to actually look at the science and actually work out what is being said? Or is it just simpler to go the straw man because the science doesn't agree with your world view?

Right, there ya go, all sorted now.

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