Purser Explores The World - Episode 2

Purser Explores The World - Episode 2

Submitted by James Purser on Sat, 09/24/2011 - 10:05

Well I made it to episode 2, this in itself is a victory :)

Anyhoo, this episode I'm talking to people who take the concept of DIY out of the house an into the big wide world.

First up I chat with Paul Wayper, a Canberra based maker who's working on building his own electric motorcycle.

Then I move slightly elsewhere in Canberra to talk to Stephen Dade from the Canberra UAV club, a group of people working on building their own Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to compete in the Outback UAV Challenge.


Canberra EV: http://canberraev.org

Electrical Vehicle Festival: http://electricvehiclefestival.com.au/

Canberra UAV: http://www.canberrauav.com/

Outback UAV Challenge: http://www.uavoutbackchallenge.com.au/2011/



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