An open letter to the "Creatives"

To whom it may concern,

I have money. It is good money, in fact, being australian money, it is both pretty and hard wearing money. I would like to give you that money in exchange for the music you sell, the films and video productions you make and the books you write.

But I can't.

With rare exception, the things I wish to purchase are either locked into a system that prevents me from using the content as I wish (note, as I wish legally, not sharing it around with other people, just watching on the devices I choose to watch it on), or is simply unavailable because the services that would be taking my pretty, durable money are stuck with the old, region based ideology.

For example, I am quite fond of the show "Eureka". I can either purchase this via iTunes for $2.99 an episode and be limited to only viewing it on iDevices or I could... um. I could setup a proxy in the states, get myself a proxy address so I can get a pre-paid US credit card and then I could purchase it off Amazon for $1.99 US an episode.

It's exactly because of this reluctance to take our shiny money via the interwebs that piracy is an issue. People, if they can't find a legal, convenient way to get their entertainment, are going to gravitate towards convenient, illegal ways of doing so. It's also why any move to crack down on illegal content sharing is going to fail. If you don't replace the illegal convenience with a legal convenience, people are just going to migrate to the next model, like they did when bittorrent popped up to replace gnutella and (shudder) limewire.

Oh and on another personal note, cancelling Eureka was a terrible, terrible thing.

Thankyou for your time.

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