Not happy Google/Logitech

For those of you playing at home I have a GoogleTV based Logitech Revue. It is a thing of beauty, being snappy, well integrated and with added App goodness.

However, over the past few days I have been less than pleased with it.

Why? I hear you ask?

Mainly it relates to the recent move by Google to bring all their Market type stuff into one brand: "Google Play". This meant of course, that all Android Market apps needed to be updated to reflect the new branding and the new, integrated services.

So the first cab off the rank was my nexus s. It's running Ice Cream Sandwich and updated to Google Play without an issue.

Great I thought, then I noticed that the revue was reporting that it had updates waiting. I decided to kick off the update when I went to bed (I run the mythtv output through the revue so figured it would better to start when no one was watching). Having done that, I fully expected it to be up to date when I woke up the next morning.

Except it wasn't. It was still trying to run the update.


At first it was thought that someone had closed down the update path prematurely, but after much digging around by frustrated revue owners it was discovered that only those outside the US had the problem. Those within the US had upgraded and were happily accessing all areas (movies and music especially, the bastards).

I've checked, and for whatever reason if I access the update URL via a US IP address, I can access it without a problem. If I do it from my australian IP address, I get a cannot be found page.

Double U Tee Eff

That's my rage for the day.

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Hi James,
So was there a resolution to the problem? Were you able to set up and force a proxy server to route the update request through and successfully update? Yes I am being lazy and relying on the likes of yourself and others before embarking on the update myself...but will likely not be able to hold out too long before clicking update!

Hi Michael,

That's the next step I'm considering, both for the update (though I shouldn't have to), and to access content on either netflix, Google Movies/Music or Amazon.

The main problem I'm getting is that the Logitech Revue isn't actually setup to use proxies, you would have to set up a proxy route via another device to get it to work.

I think it would be better if they don't force people to update there apps. aside it takes long to update it is really heavy for some users. - C Frederick Wehba