Nokia and Microsoft - A marriage made in convenience

Well, as expected, Nokia has announced that it is going to transition from a complete stack mobile technology company to "Just Another Hardware Maker" (albiet one with large market share). It is going to be ditching its aging Symbian OS for a partnership with Microsoft and Windows Phone 7.

So what does this mean?

Well for a start it's going to be interesting to see how the other manufacturers deal with Microsoft and WP7 now that the biggest manufacturer in the world has signed up. Will they move towards WP7 themselves to try and ride the coat tails, or will they turn towards Android and accentuate the differences? Of course there is the third alternative - leaving everything as it stands and play the game as its always been played.

What does concern me is what exactly is going to be happening with Meego (the love child of Intels Moblin and Nokias maemo phone OS's). We saw some nice stuff at the MobileFOSS miniconf coming out of Meego and from what I've read, Nokia has decided that Meego is going to be focused more on Tablet like devices (which might conflict with MS who I'm sure will be producing their own tablet OS offering soon enough). The good thing of course is that Meego is Open Source, so at the very least we can be sure that everything up until now will stay out there. Will bare watching.

So what is this going to mean in the short term? Bugger all really. Nokia has just canned it's latest anticipated smartphone and is going to be spending sometime coming up with something new to really show off WP7. So iOS and Android are going to be given some more breathing room to establish themselves and advance the marketplace. Hell this actually puts them behind HP in terms of active products in the market.

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