This mornings Insiders and Bolts performance

This mornings Insiders and Bolts performance

Submitted by James Purser on Sun, 04/03/2011 - 21:25

Okay I have a splitting headache so this is going to be brief:

Andrew Bolt used this mornings Insiders appearance to reach out to one audience only, the nascent Australian Tea Party. He was talking directly to those people who held up the signs equating the UN with genocide and who view the political debate through the eyes of a cranky 4 year old.

Bolt's attack on Lenore was typical of the sort of tactics that the masters of this art in the US use. Straight from the book of Beck, he was overbearing, refused to let Lenore Taylor actually answer his question and when she did actually manage to answer it (effectively and fully by the way), he simply ignored that fact and inserted his own. It seems that monsuier Bolt may have ambitions for a leadership position in the new order.

The thing is, if he wants to be a "thought leader" for the Tea Party(keeping in mind that he's competing with such luminaries as Angry Anderson), then more luck to him. He's got plenty of opportunities to spout his own brand of "wisdom", he has a radio gig and a blog with the biggest newspaper in Victoria. Insiders is meant to be more than a personal soap box for a budding demagogue, it's meant to be an exploration of the nations politics by people who know what they are talking about. 

Gah, head is pounding, but seriously from now on if Bolt is on Insiders I will not be watching. The show just loses all value. Oh and that applies to Piers Akerman as well. It is possible to have a right wing commentator on the show who can debate policy. Gerard Henderson is one such person. I may never agree with what he says but at least he knows how to argue rationally and cogently.

An Update: is carrying a media brief stating that Andrew Bolt has quit the show to pursue other projects. Of course this will be painted as interweb lefties closing down debate. However I would love to see more time given to conservative/right wing commentators who can string a cogent argument together without trying to bully and bluster.

Another Update:

Well, the Australian has a bit more on the Bolt making a move story. Turns out that he hasn't quit just yet but is plumming for a big role with Ten (possibly his own show, perhaps he'll resurrect blackboard from mr squiggel so he can be Australias own Glenn Beck).

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