Liberal Party: Comparing being gay to bestiality is ill disciplined

Liberal Party: Comparing being gay to bestiality is ill disciplined

Submitted by James Purser on Wed, 09/19/2012 - 12:38

Look, it's very simple, according to Tony Abbott, his (now former) parliamentary secretary Cory Bernadi was being ill disciplined when he said that allowing gay marriage would inevitably and irrevocabbly lead to men marrying their dogs/horses/cats/stick insects.

Ill disciplined.

Not wrong, not offensive, not even a little wrong headed.

Ill disciplined.

This means that the leader of the Liberal party, the man who supposedly represents the party and sets the direction for the elected members believes that Cory Bernadi's only issue was being stupid enough to air his opinions near a microphone where those annoying news type people can hear him.

Normally I wouldn't get too worked up about the rantings of fundies like Cory Bernadi, it's what he does, it's how he keeps his vote going. However this time round I can't not make a comment. Mainly because Cory Bernadi's leader has slapped him over the wrist and nothing more. Abbott has sent Bernadi to the backbench, that's all, there was no repudiation of the idea that being gay is the same as wanting to lay with the lambs. No rejection of the sort of thinking that puts gay people as second class citizens at best and perverted criminals at worst.

Instead we got "ill disciplined" and a lecture about "free lancing" from the front bench.

Meanwhile the vote on Same Sex Marriage is going ahead today. Chances are it won't get the numbers. With thinking like Bernadi's encouraged in the Liberal party, I'm not surprised.

Feh. I have things to do.


Nope, it didn't get up. Same Sex Marriage bill was knocked back 42 ayes to 98 nays.

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