The Internet. It's not special anymore

Okay let me just check something. Yup we are living in the year 2011 (as adjudged by the Christian Calender, your religion based calender may differ). People are, at this very moment, doing the following:

  • Tweeting
  • Facebooking
  • Youtubing
  • Looking stuff up
  • Paying bills
  • Buying stuff
  • Emailing people
  • Chatting

These activities have been part of the every day for a few years now. It's nothing new.

So why the hell is the media still treating "It happened on the internet!!!11!!" as something special?

Here's a recent example (watch out for the autoplay video) from the Sydney Morning Herald:

A mystery reveller who enjoyed one-too-many drinks at one of London's poshest hotels found himself kicked out on the street, and into internet stardom.


On his trip home, the middle-aged man somersaults down stairs, totters into road barriers, rolls around on the road and falls into gutters, each time dusting off his suit pants and launching himself into another energetic mishap.

The story is right there. Guy gets drunk, stumbles amusingly home. This is listed in the Technology Section of the Sydney Morning Herald. Do you know why? Because someone uploaded the CCTV footage of his Mr Magoo like journey onto Youtube. That's it. Let's be honest here, if youtube wasn't involved the story itself would probably have never made it to print (although I believe it could have been an award winner in Australias Funniest Home Videos).

Here's another example, again from the Sydney Morning Herald. This time the story is covering the scandal surrounding Congressman Weiner in the US. This is not a technology story. This is a person story in which technology was incidental to the monumental stupidity of one man.

Seriously people, technology is no longer "whizz bang". It's now part of our lives to the point where the simple use of it should NOT be the guiding factor in a news story. Given that there are plenty of stories out there about innovative, new technologies, this sort of thing just makes the media look slow and out of touch.

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