Hrrmm, 3 months is a looong time between drinks

Well yah, so that happened.

It's been a solid three months since I last posted anything here, and the last bit that I did post was about the then upcoming election.

Well I suppose a quick update is required.

Regarding the election, as expected the Labor party lost government. They didn't get the complete and utter kicking some people thought they would/should get but they got kicked.

Locally, Throsby stayed Labor, but with a 4% swing against the incumbent, Stephen Jones. Interestingly enough, the Liberal candidate also suffered a swing against her of 2%. This could easily be put down to the fact that she was almost completely and utterly invisible, suffering as she did from untrusted Liberal Candidate syndrom.

Another interesting tidbit of information, based purely on first preference votes, Stephen Jones lost 5.16% of the vote, while the nationals celebrity rocker candidate Gary "Angry" Anderson managed to double the nationals vote by adding exactly 5.16% of the total vote.

Work related, things have been going great, doing a lot of moodle/drupal related stuff with a bit of travel which you would have seen if you follow me on twitter. The last week and a bit not so good as I've been stuck at home while this flu thing runs its course. blerghgh.

While I haven't been posting here I have post a few articles over at mainly looking at some of the smaller parties that were competing in the election.

Podcasting has been a bit hit and miss lately. A combination of work and this flu has meant that I haven't been able to record either For Science! or the new show WTF Australia in the past two weeks. Blergh.

Well that's it for now, here's hoping I can post something else before another three months passes