Heading to Frisco

Come the 7th of November I'm going to taking my second international trip of the year with a trip to San Francisco to attend the Wave Summit at Googles' San Fran Office.

The Summit is going to be a meeting of the minds between the Google developers still working on Wave (and doing a bang up job of getting the Wave In A Box project up and running) and the small but slowly growing community of external developers, testers and associated bods (of which I am one) that want to see the Wave idea continue to grow.

For a taste of what we're going to be delving into have a look here:



Another topic we're going be looking at is the future of the Wave Protocol site and Wave In A Box project after Google does pull the plug. I would love to see a Wave Protocol Foundation or similar (something similar to the Apache foundation but with a tighter focus). This Foundation would be the keeper of the official protocols (Federation, Client->Server and Agent->Server) and the reference implementation (Wave In A Box), thus providing some stability and a guiding force.

Anyway this is going to be my first time in the US and will mean that the only continents I haven't visited are South America, Africa and Antarctica, so it it should be fun :)

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