#Facepalmer and #grubbyjournalism

#Facepalmer and #grubbyjournalism

Submitted by James Purser on Tue, 03/20/2012 - 21:24

Well, you can't say that Australian politics is dull.

First up we have Clive "Face" Palmer accusing the Greens and Greenpeace of being front organisations for the CIA to ruin the Australian coal industry. Then we have Peter Slipper, the surprisingly independent Independent Speaker of the House of Representatives using twitter to take the wind out of an attack article that is (was) going to be printed tomorrow.

To be honest, Clive Palmers foray into tin foil hat territory, while fun, isn't as interesting as Peter Slipper's use of social media to defend himself against an attack.

From the moment he was selected as Speaker, Peter Slipper has been determined to make his mark, both in the House (I think he's ejected more people from the House in his first couple of months than Harry Jenkins did in the last year) and without.

He's always been an active tweeter and his knowledge of the platform and the tools available today allowed him to tackle a potentially damaging attack head on. Using twitter and tools like Hootsuite, he's released the full chain of email correspondance between his office and the journalist involved. This means that not only does the journalist lose any sort of exclusivity, but any claims contained within the article (if it every see's the light of day) can be easily cross checked with what Slippers office actually said.

I'm going to say Speaker - 1, Journalist - 0 on this one.

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