Do unto others

Do unto others

Submitted by James Purser on Sat, 09/14/2013 - 13:20

Lo and it did come to pass that that which had been foretold happened.

The Great Abbott led his troops to victory over the Laborous ones and there arose a great wailing and gnashing of teeth nigh unseen since the last time a political party lost an election. Sobs were rent from the bosom of the vanquished believers, oaths were sworn of vengeance against the unholy gods that had brought about this terrible event. Others proclaimed that they would not rest until the grand conspiracy between the Abbott and the Murdoch had been uncovered and brought into the light of day, because surely it was some black arts that caused the people to welcome the Abbott into their homes.

Except possibly not.

Now look, I’m not exactly thrilled with the result from the election. Personally I think the Coalition are bad news on a number of levels, least of which being that they’re not exactly policy heavy, and those policies they do have grate against my own personal beliefs (asylum seekers), are paper thin attempts to make it look like they do have a policy (Green Army) or are hampered by short term thinking that’s more suited for rabid day traders than long term infrastructure planning (NBN).

However what I am not is deluded about how we got to the point where we are.

The Labor party lost this election and they lost it months ago. Whether it was the Ruddmentum (a thousand curses upon you Jon Kudelka), the complete inability to sell good policy to the public or their attempts to ape the Coalition in areas like immigration they lost the plot and thus lost the election.

If the ALP had managed to get their crap together and sort themselves out then I think they would have been in with a real chance, even against the concerted efforts of the Murdoch press and the Coalition.

But they didn’t so they lost and wailing about some grand evil conspiracy isn’t going to change that fact.

Neither is acting like a spoilt five year old who’s had their favourite toy taken away. Seriously, we’ve just had six years of that sort of behaviour from the Coalition and some of their supporters. “Election NAOH”, “Ditch the witch”, “Agenda 21” and all that. We all pointed at groups like “No Carbon Tax” or people like Alan Jones and called them out for what they were, vindictive little trolls who couldn’t deal with the fact that the election hadn’t gone their way.

If the left starts indulging in that sort of behaviour now, not only would that paint them as complete hypocrites, but it’s not actually going to fix anything is it? It’s not going to convince those who voted for the Coalition that they were wrong, in fact it’s going to do the opposite, as it did for everyone who voted for a left/progressive party over the past six years. Hell it’s going to push away a whole chunk of left leaning voters who expect better.

Hold the Government to account by all means, use humour, use thoughtful arguments, use interpretive dance. ranting and raving like Foul Ol’ Ron (Discworld reference, read it) isn’t going to work, calling them names like idiot/moron/bogan etc, etc, is only going to entrench the us v them idea that the Coalition worked so hard to build up.

It’s going to be a long three years as it is, let’s not make it harder by becoming the very thing we couldn’t stand?

Oh and one more thing. You can’t spend three years attacking the misogyny directed at Julia Gillard and then turn around and use exactly the same sort of language against a woman from the other side. Gina Hancock and Sophie Mirabella are two examples of women who have copped a huge amount of the sort of crap that would normally have lefties foaming at the mouth if directed at Julia Gillard or Christine Milne. If you have a problem with the actions or ideas these people have, then attack them, don’t play the gonads.

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