Changes, they are a happening

Changes, they are a happening

Submitted by James Purser on Fri, 03/25/2016 - 14:58

So, if you've been following my social medias then  you'll have noticed that I have very rapidly (in the space of maybe two weeks?) gone through the process of being retrenched, looking for work and aquiring a new job. In this, I have been actually very, very lucky and unlike some others I'm not going to claim that being unemployed is some sort of "freedom" or relaxing time. Instead it's a period where you immediately go "Okay, well shit, I have a family to support, so no time for relaxing, get back out there".

As I said, I've been EXTREMELY lucky in that I have managed to snag a good job so soon after being retrenched. I won't say who yet, but will say it's back in the media industry (an industry I haven't worked in since leaving WIN TV back in 2004). I will be leaving the moodle space and returning to Drupalland with forays into new areas (I really do like forays into new areas).

With any luck this won't affect my plans for rebooting Purser Explores The World and my other plans for Angry Beanie. I've already started working on a new episode of PETW (actually interviewed someone the other day, it felt awesome), and am in the process of organising more. Also have sekrit podcast project to get going as well.

On the tech side, I'm going to be moving this blog to Drupal 8 (because, well while the contrib modules aren't there yet for something as complex as Angry Beanie, it's certainly there for a blog like this), I'm also going to be delving more into the MVC side of things. I've played around with django and the like, but it's probably about time I get it knocked over.

Well that's it for the moment, hopefully will blog a bit more in the future, we'll see.

Oh, and if you're reading this on medium, I am thinking about a module that allows you to actually publish from Drupal to medium, but that's at the "It's an idea I had on the train" stage.