Blogging makes me feel like real media and other goodness

Thought I would put something up for the end of the week.

Over at I've put up a quick look at the Independent Media Inquiry report and their brilliant idea to start counting page hits to determine whether your site counts as real media or not. 41 hits a day is the magical number by the way.

Julia Gillard and Bob Carr gamed the Press Gallery and the Opposition in a major way this week. To be honest I am not displeased by this. Bob Carr would actually make a half decent Foreign Minister (I'd try and keep him as far away from infrastructure and transport as possible though), and it's about time that the Government got itself on the front foot.

I've dragged out the sourcecode for the OpenAustralia Search Droid and started hacking around on it again to make it work on later versions of Android. Hit an interesting bug, I've found that if I do single word searches of hansard everything is fine, but phrase searches cause a BufferedInputStream not open error. I can't see any differences between the json that I'm getting but I might be blind.

I'm searching for the issue, but the closest I've come is the fact that single word searches return a "ChunkedInputStream" while phrase searches return an "UnknownLengthHTTPStream".

Note this happens on every version bar Ice Cream Sandwich.

I've also been experimenting with the features on my nexus s and have started playing with the Timelapse setup. Below is the latest one I've done:

So that's it for now. Will blog later.

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