A bit of an update

I haven't blogged for a little while so I thought I would do a quick catchup.

First up I'm in the process of starting up a new media project. This one's not going to be as focused as Open Source On The Air, instead it's going to be something that allows me to meet interesting people and ask them questions about a wide range of different subjects. I'm currently gathering material for the first episode (which is going to have a focus on the Australian Space community).

This new project is going to be hosted at a new website called angrybeanie.com (it's up but pretty empty at the moment). If things go well it should be the first of a number of projects I have in mind.

On a related note, I've installed XBMC on my Myth Box, mainly so we can have something that will allow us to use the internet on the lounge room tv. It appears to have a bit more polish than Boxee and looks very nice on the big screen. I'm yet to get my hands on a GoogleTV device, but I'm beginning to question exactly what the hell is going on with Google TV (that's a post for another day I think).

Let's see what else.

On a local note, we're only a few weeks away from the Wollongong Local Government elections, and to be honest I'm not super inspired by the range of candidates, both for mayor or councillor. Wollongong is getting to the pointy end of a number of challenges and I'm yet to hear anyone with a concrete plan.

Just in case you're wondering I did consider standing, but now is not a good time, I have a business I need to grow and a family that needs me more.

Oh yes, continuing the local theme, Bluescope Steel, after complaining about the affect of the Carbon tax (which hasn't actually been brought in, and even then they are getting millions more than they will ever be expected to pay over the next four years), has just released a report indicating that they are probably going to have to pull out of the export market because they cannot make a profit. This is going to mean they're going to close down at least one blast furnace and possibly lay off something like 20% of the workforce. All without any sign of a carbon tax.

Seriously Wollongong is going to have to look post Steelworks and we're going to have to do that soon.