Android Market opens up to Aussie Devs

If you've been anything like a regular reader of this blog, you'll have noticed that I've had a couple of rants about the fact that Google has been tardy in allowing developers from outside a very narrow range of countries to sell applications through the Android Marketplace. Up until now this list has excluded nations such as Australia and Canada, two nations where you would think that Google would recognise the depth of potential developer support.

Well yesterday Google announced that it was going to be adding 18 countries to the list of those able to actually sell apps. This includes Australia, Canada, Israel and Hong Kong. All nations with small but agile software development industries that will only benefit from the new market.

So w00t for the fact that now I can sell apps through the market place. Now all I need to do is come up with that killer app :)

I can only hope that they've learnt the lesson from this and that the upcoming Chrome App Store and Google TV App Store will be able to open with a much wider range of supported countries.

One other thing I hope Google does take away from this exercise is the real need to communicate with your developers, not just about API's and tools, but about the business of the eco-system you're building. If there are delays, tell people why (as much as you can). Staying silent only gives people the impression that you don't care.

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