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I use both Android and iDevices, my phone is a Nexus S running the latest Gingerbread (2.3.6) and I own an iPod Touch and a first generation iPad. I'm also an avid consumer of the ABC online services, mostly streaming ABC News 24 in the kitchen and accessing the ABCs large library of video and audio podcasts.

However generally I don't use my android devices to do this, why? Because the ABC has concentrated all its mobile efforts into building iDevice compatible apps. I've added screen caps from both the Android and iDevice apps below:


The one on the left is the Android app (which is essentially the ABC mobile site contained in a small wrapper), and the one on the right is the iDevice app. Notice the difference?

By far and away the iDevice app is more functional and useful than the Android app. Where the Android app only offers the very limited mobile site, the iDevice app links through to the ABC News 24 stream, offers direct links to recent episodes, weather, live radio streaming and so on.

Now I understand that for a long time the iDevice has owned the mobile market, but Android is growing and growing fast, and even if the ABC can't commit to building a dedicated app for it, it needs to seriously overhaul it's mobile site. It's 2011 and the mobile site hasn't changed in years, today we can do so much more with HTML+Javascript on mobile devices.

I've started a thread on the ABC Forums to call for a better solution for Android users:

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