Possibly Politically Incorrect T-shirts

Okay, I've read Russell's post and I've read the responses, both Pia's blog post and the comments on his blog. Personally I feel that he's reading too much into things.

To be honest, from time to time the whole Gender communications/politics area frustrates the living hell out of me. We as a species have managed to build devices which allow us to communicate across hundreds of thousands of miles, we've put probes into inter-stellar space, and yet we cannot solve one of the most basic problems. Talking to other people.

Sigh, anyway, here's a t-shirt based solution to the whole unintentional creepiness problem:

The one on the right is for those women who are sick and tired of having to explain what should be a very simple concept. And yes they are both for sale if you want one, just click on the image and follow it through.

A quick edit, I've added a few more female options to the store: http://www.cafepress.com/jamesfunnystuff