Completing the Cycle - Getting Seeds From Your Zucchini

Last night I thought I would try my hand at harvesting seeds from one of our jumbo zucchinis. The zucchini in question had turned woody and very soft in the middle so I thought I'd give it a go.

Step 1:

The first step is to get your zucchini and tools together. Below is my starting point:

Step 2:

Next we remove the pulpy core with the seeds:

Step 3:

This is the messiest part of the process. Basically what you do is gently pull apart the pulp and remove the seeds. It's not that difficult, however it can be very sticky. By the end of it you should end up with something like the below:

Step 4:

Now that you have your seeds, the last step is to put them in a sunny place so they can dry and you can bag em up for next year:

So we'll see if I did it right next year.

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If it was woody and then soft in the centre.

This is a classic case of growing it far too long.
In the future pick it earlier. and you wll have a lot more success (and a better tasting vegetable). :)

Good work though, I wish more ppl grew their own produce.
I'm in the process of preparing our vegie garden (we just moved into a new premises in Jan).

I'll have to post up the results and we can share tips!  ;-)

Thanks, This answers a question of mine. I was lookin for info on if you had to let the zucchini get soft and woody before collecting the seeds. : )

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This is great, simple and the pictures are awesome because it's sometimes hard to know what people are talking about. My family and I are trying to get a system down to not buy seeds and next year is year two. The next step is to figure out how to collect the rain.

How did the  Zucchini seeds go.

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