Do you suffer from rage watching?

There is a terrible ailment sweeping the land. Sufferers find themselves compelled to watch, listen, read or generally consume media output that causes high blood pressure, anger and a desperate, overwhelming urge to tweet about how much they truly loathe the media thing they are consuming.

Rage watching.

There seems to be spikes of Rage Watching specifically around Monday nights at 9:30pm with smaller occurances occuring on Sunday mornings (replays on Sunday afternoons). More recently there has been an uptick of Rage Watching on Wednesday nights by people who feel it absolutely necessary to tell the world exactly how bad the ABC show "Kitchen Cabinet" is for either a) Having  an evil person on as a guest or b) Not spending 22 minutes using Kitchin impliments to torture said evil person into confessing they are indeed an evil person and will do better from now on.

Why? Why do you watch these programmes if you know they're going to be terrible? You already know that you're not going to like either the show, or the person being interviewed, or in the case of the Bolt Report everything about it.

Instead be calm, turn off the tv, or switch on Netflix and binge watch your way through a series. Save your rage for when it is actually useful.

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